5 Makeup Trends To Ditch In 2017

Just because a makeup look is popular doesn’t mean that it’s going to suit everyone. There are so many different makeup techniques and trends constantly emerging through social media or on the catwalk. Unfortunately, a lot of the time these tricks are best left in the hands of the professionals.

Below is a list of 5 makeup trends that we feel should be left in the past.

  1. Over Drawn Lips

over-drawn-lipsThe world recently became envious of Kylie Jenner’s perfectly plumped lips. This lead to makeup lovers from around the globe trying to imitate this look by going a little heavy on the lip liner. You can imagine the number of girls madly rushing to purchase makeup online and in stores, desperate to achieve “the look”. Unfortunately for most, this common makeup trick is usually an epic fail. We feel that applying either lipstick or lipliner above the natural outline of your lips is a recipe for disaster.
2. Boxy Brows
thineyebrowsThin brows were a very popular look in the early 2000’s, but over the years thick brows made a massive comeback. If your brows are still recovering from the years of over-plucking that occurred over a decade ago, there is a simple solution. Brow pencils or powder alongside the clever use of an angled brush can help you to achieve a thicker, more defined brow and give your face a more up-to-date look. But beware, there is a thin line between giving your brows a bit of a boost and completely overdoing it. Overfilling your brows with product to make them look square and boxy looks totally unnatural. So the next time you reach for that brow pencil, try to remember ‘less is more’.

  1. Excessive contouring

Kim Kardashian led us all to believe that contouring was the key to a picture-perfect, slimline face. Although contouring can really help to define your features when done correctly, this is often only the case when applied by professionals or when the technique is viewed on television or photographs. For everyday wear, it’s best to stick to a very slight contour of the face using soft powder products. So leave excessive contouring to the professionals, nobody like to see harsh, unblended makeup lines.

  1. Strobing

strobingIf you’re unaware as to what strobing is, then it’s probably for the best. This is a technique where you apply highlighter to areas of the face (almost like a reverse contour) in order to draw attention to the highest points of your face such as the cheekbones. This technique is again one that’s better left to the pros. Not only can adding too much highlighter make you look like a walking, talking glitter ball but too much shine can leave you looking oily or even sweaty.
5. Baking
As you may or may not already be aware of, baking is the act of letting translucent powder sit on your face for a prolonged period of time in order to set your foundation or concealer. Why may anyone partake in this we hear you ask? Well, it’s supposed to help achieve a flawless, full coverage finish. Although baking your makeup may help to achieve a heavy duty level of coverage, this coverage is by no means ‘flawless’. Adding powder to foundation or concealer before it has dried will only provide a thick, heavy-looking coverage that will look cakey and far too harsh for everyday wear.
Hopefully, you’ll agree that the five makeup trends mentioned above are better left forgotten. We are in no way saying that you shouldn’t experiment with different makeup looks. But there are so many different types of trends and techniques out there to help you find what suits you or works with your style.
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