4 Cult Makeup Brands You Must Try

Even as a beauty enthusiast, I find myself overwhelmed by all the beauty brands out there with their cute packaging, eye-catching pigmentation, and tug-at-your-heartstrings advertising. Or sometimes I find myself dying to try it all and feeling indecisive over where to begin. Let’s be honest: we all don’t have a bottomless wallet, so even as beauty lovers we have to be smart with our purchases. Over the years, I’ve learned to do research before making my purchases, and it’s not only proven to be enjoyable, but it’s also eliminated buyer’s remorse. To encourage you to do the same, we’ve put together a list of the cult makeup brands you must try. From one beauty lover to another, we share in our victories.

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Photo Courtesy of Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star ($18)
The fearless and ever-so-glamorous Jeffree Star shares over-the-top pigmentations and noteworthy textures. Even our trustworthy beauty gurus (Jaclyn Hill, for example) believe that Jeffree’s velour liquid lipsticks in shades like “Androgyny,” “Celebrity Skin,” and “Unicorn Blood” are a huge hype and with good reason. Earning stripes in the beauty industry, Jeffree Star has proven to be an extremely talented artist by creating outlandish yet highly professional and beautiful products with great pigmentation, substantial size, and comfortable wear as you would hope from any higher-end makeup brand.

Photo Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills ($21)
When you don’t know where else to go, you’re guaranteed that Anastasia Beverly Hills will have your back. Whether it’s pigmented lip glosses, eye shadows, or brows, we’d think that Anastasia is Queen Bee of the beauty world. At this rate, who are we to argue? With defined brows still creating a powerful force in the beauty industry, we suggest trying the signature brand for “your brows, but better”: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.
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Makeup Geek ($6)
Our beautiful Marlena! Her products are worth every penny, particularly her regular, foiled, and duochrome eye shadows. These beauties are extremely affordable, and the color payoff is more than you can expect of some of the over-priced, higher-end individual eye shadow pans and palettes (yes, we said it!). Being a makeup artist and beauty lover herself, you can trust that Marlena will only give you the best of the best. A few of our well-loved Makeup Geek eye shadows include “Shimma, Shimma,” “Crème Brulee,” “Cocoa Bear,” and “Peach Smoothie.”
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ColourPop Cosmetics ($6)
ColourPop may have taken a little time popping into the scene of makeup, but once this line did, it came out with more than its lippie sticks ah-blazing. Numerous YouTubers such as ClothesEncounters (Jenn Im), Kathleen Lights, and Manny MUA have collaborated with this awesome brand, creating products for the lips and eyes. Similar to Makeup Geek’s reasonable prices and great pigmentation, ColourPop is a brand to behold. We advise that you check out the brand as a whole, but what kind of beauty lovers would we be if we didn’t mention our favorite lippies from the shop, too? (This is not the makeup junkie speaking; we swear.) A few of their signature Ultra Satin Lips that we adore include “Echo Park” and “Frick n Frack.” Not to mention, have you checked out their simple but adorable packaging and sweet, genuine cards? I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel like a beauty queen.
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4 Cult Makeup Brands You Must Try: Featured Image Photos Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics

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