Distant Lover

Plato’s theory has probably become a cliché by now, but after searching endlessly through local bars, having a track record of failed relationships, and going on too many bad dates to count, an ancient philosopher’s idea of having to search far and long for one’s other half is probably all we’ve got left to hold onto. Okay, I’m being melodramatic, but the same holds true; some of you have found love in distance places. That’s beautiful, but relationships are hard enough, and with miles, states, and sometimes even oceans between you and your mate, “it’s complicated” takes on a new meaning. There are communication issues, the longing for each other’s embrace and company, and the ever-annoying PDA by those lovebirds surrounding us. What’s worse is that all of these daily factors suddenly become pressing issues on the day that celebrates love.

But while distance says nothing about the bond between two people, it says a whole lot about the strength of commitment. So although the vast majority of us may enjoy receiving chocolates, roses, Hallmark cards, and teddy bears, if you believe you’ve found “the one” but cannot see and hold them as often as you’d like, why not give a gift with a little more sentiment this Valentine’s Day? is the perfect source for such a gift. If you simply type “long-distance relationship” into the website’s search engine, dozens of gift ideas will pop-up which are all personalized by order and handcrafted by the artistic and crafty shop owners themselves. Listed here are just a few of Cliché’s favorites.

How nice would this look hanging next to your wedding photos or family portrait someday? These chalkboard map prints feature the states in which both you and your lover reside, your names, anniversary date, and an optional quote. These prints are created and sold by Earlybirdink and cost $24.00-$28.00 each.


 Want something to warm each other up when cuddling isn’t an accessible option? These hand-painted mugs by AbigailDee are the cutest thing! These personalized mug sets cost $32.00 and feature both states, a personal quote, and a dotted line connecting one heart to the next.

Check out these adorable, personalized keychains made by PureImpressions and sold at $17.00 each. They’re simply perfect for that special someone who has the key to your heart.

Valentine’s Day can be a bummer if you can’t spend it with the one you love, but it’s great to let them know you love them regardless. Besides, distance may be a temporary thing, so why not have something to remind you both where it all began?

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