Wedding Preparation Checklist to get Your big day Organized

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Today we want to share important tips about a wedding preparation checklist to get your big day organized. Now that you’ve got the ring on and your family and friends have been informed, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started with your wedding preparations. But with so many details to think about, it can be very overwhelming. Check out this wedding checklist to help make your wedding planning easier and more fun.

Your Wedding Preparation Checklist

This list will provide you with the things you have to get in order and finalized from the 12th month down to the last month of your wedding preparations. Get your handy notebook and start planning out your wedding! 

12 Months 

You’ve got an entire year ahead but even so, it’s time to begin planning the big things. 12 months before the day, you have to get down to how much you can spend for this wedding. This is the most important thing since everything will cost money. Also, you’ll need to think about the money so you can determine your guest list and how big it can be. Also, you’ll have to think about hiring a wedding planner at this point if you’re thinking about it. In this way, you can have time to tell the planner your plans earlier. Last, you’ll need to think of a venue so you or the planner can book it. Especially during the wedding season, venues can become very tough to book. Check out possible venues ahead of time so you can see if they allow third-party wedding catering or not so you can make plans accordingly. 

11 Months

Here, it’s time to think about the design or theme that you want. Even if it’s still early, this is important to decide upon because it’ll determine what flowers you have to get, what kind of dress you need, as well as the food. If you are into something unique dresses, you can shop rustic wedding dresses online. At this time, also hire your DJs, band, and wedding photographer and videographer. 

10 Months

It’s the start of the busy season for you. Here, you have to start booking hotels or coach lines in Toronto especially if you have guests from other places. Wedding dresses also take much time to create so if you don’t want to pay premium prices for rushed alterations, start shopping for a dress when you’re 10 months out. Aside from that, you’ll also need wedding invitations. Look for designs and start having them made. Also, don’t forget to have your engagement photo shoot at this time. 

9 to 8 Months

Get your invitations ready and send them to your friends and family so they too can get prepared for your wedding.  If you’re planning to receive household items as gifts from guests, make sure to register to a gift registry so it’ll be easier for your guests to know what to get you and also so you won’t get the same thing from 2 other guests. Also, fit in an appointment for your bridesmaids’ dresses and have them get the dresses you have all approved. At 11 months, you decided on a theme and design, this time, speak with your florists about what you want. Florists can also get very busy and if you just communicate with them through emails, you could mistakenly get sympathy flower delivery in your Toronto reception by mistake. Communicate well with them about what you want and how you’d like it arranged.

7 to 5  Months

These 3 months can be quite a busy time since everything you will need to rent or purchase will be done at this point. From your partner’s tux, if you’re renting one, chairs, tables, lighting, and dance floor. Think about your wedding day needs and make sure you’ve already booked everything. 

4 to 2 Months

If some guests haven’t responded to the RSVP, get their feedback so you can finalize things with the caterer when you go in for your food tasting and your menu selection. Get your license here as well. Get your rings, select the cake, food, and music, and have a dry-run if it’s possible. 

1 Month to the Final Week

This is it. It’s the last leg. Make all final payments, follow up with the dresses, decorations, make-up, music, band, venue, food, florists, officiant, and have your rehearsal dinner at this time. It can be hectic, but make sure you finalize everything here. 

Make wedding planning less- stressful with this wedding checklist. Remember that behind all of that busy planning, you have to enjoy every step of the way still. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime and life-changing event for you and your partner.  

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