An Essential Wedding Item Checklist

Congratulations! You’re engaged to be married, and when it comes to getting married there are a million and one things that are considered essential for your big day, spouse to be? Check! But what next?  We want to share our essential wedding item checklist, and hopefully this will give you a head start in the planning your big day.

The Dress

Let’s face it the dress or wedding outfit you choose is going to be a big one on your list, it’s certainly something you want to get right since all eyes will be on you. It’s essential that you also feel amazing in your chosen outfit, because you will be wearing it on the biggest day of your life! It will be something you’ll remember forever and be reminded of in years to come in your wedding photos, that being said, choosing your clothing for your wedding should be an enjoyable experience. Will you take the women in your family with you? Will you take your best friend? Whatever you decide to do try and enjoy every second of the experience, you’re bound to come across some lovely shop assistants who will have bubbly at the ready, so sit back, relax and enjoy being pampered.

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Traditionally flowers tend to be high on the list of priorities once you have your dress and colour theme sorted. You can match the bridal party florals to the venue, the suit colours to the bouquet and order a beautiful arrangement that you love to keep with you all day. It’s an excellent opportunity to get creative and show your personality on your special day, why not go all out and choose something unusual? The world is your oyster with this one. Do daisies remind you of your childhood? Did your partner bring you tulips on your first date? Use these personal touches to make them unique to you.

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In recent years favours have become less sugared almonds and more personalized candles and pots of honey. A real touch of personality (and even humor) can be added in this detail, do you make your own preserves? Maybe your wedding is on the beach, and some sunglasses will go down a treat? Have fun with this and see what other ideas people come up with for some inspiration.

The Rings

Most people choose to wear wedding bands once married as a symbol of their love and commitment, usually worn beneath an engagement ring to be closer to the heart most people choose silver, gold or platinum, but to really make a statement you could from the certified diamond wedding rings on offer as well. Imagine the sun glinting from a gorgeous diamond wedding ring to remind you of your wedding day and the love of your life?!

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Everyone loves cake, right? Some people prefer sponge to fruit cake, but at the end of the day, most people are just happy sharing the beautiful creation they watched you cutting with your love. It’s a great way to start married life but remember to ask if there are any allergies or intolerance’s you need to cater for before you place your order.

Essential Wedding Item Checklist

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It’s your day, and you can choose to have your day with or without the above, in matching color schemes or not, these are all lovely additions to the day, but ultimately it is all about you and your partner, celebrating your love with all of your nearest and dearest.

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