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Vintage Flair: Dear Sunny

If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their personal style, what would it be?
Try everything. Don’t let your fears or misconceptions of yourself stop you from trying something new. Push past those barriers and you could find yourself happier. For a good year, I had a fear of maxi dresses because I believed a 5’2” petite girl would look like she was drowning in fabric right before face planting. I took the plunge one day with a $15 maxi dress in a beautiful burnt orange, and I am happy to report I look a good two inches taller when I wear maxi dresses.
Scenario time! You have a long day ahead of you filled with places to go and errands to complete. How do you keep yourself stylish, yet comfortable?
The funny thing is that despite my initial fear of maxis, I find myself more comfortable in maxis than anything else. It’s not constricting and its length gives me coverage from wind. For the winter, I’d pair a cropped sweater with a thick knit maxi skirt to be comfortably chic. I’d choose heeled ankle boots and minimal jewelry topped off by a moto jacket. But if I can get away with it, I’d forgo the jacket and wrap myself in a chunky infinity scarf instead!
Do you have any fashion idols?
I wouldn’t say she’s a fashion idol, but rather someone I profoundly admire. Nicole Warne inspires me to dream about more than fashion. Her style is very true to herself and is more than just clothes, but a portrayal of her personality, her elegance, and her timeless style. Her photography teeters between what is real and what could be possible if you just dreamed. If I ever feel restless or uninspired, I can turn to her photos, new or old, and begin dreaming up ideas on the spot for potential D.I.Y. projects, photoshoots, or potential vacations.
What are your three top go-to items in your wardrobe and makeup bag?
When I don’t want to feel weighed down by the typical arm party, I choose to forgo them all together and put on my pearl earrings. They have these three crystals stacked in a triangle above the pearl, so it’s classic, but not dated. Another essential is a scarf; you will never see me without a scarf. I have one in almost every color, pattern, and material (I kid you not). On cool autumn days, I default to my thin wispy scarves like my silk Salvatore Ferragamo scarf I thrifted at the Brooklyn Flea. Once it gets chillier, I pull out my Burberry cashmere scarves. Now, I try my best to be prepared for anything, a modern Wonder Woman of sorts, but sometimes life happens, and that’s when I turn to my Pinch minimergency kit! It is a little life saver in the form of a 3.5”x2” pouch that holds 17 essentials, including double-sided tape, clear nail polish, and earring backs.

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