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Vintage Flair: Dear Sunny

Modern fashion with a vintage twist defines Yvonne Huang’s personal style featured on her delightful blog, Dear Sunny Vintage. She has a knack for revamping modern-day styles with past ones, turning her outfits into intricate art. Dear Sunny Vintage is a creative oasis for this Jersey blogger’s imagination in which she not only experiments with her impeccable style and fashion trends, but shares D.I.Y.s, inspiration, and delicious food. Our fashion and food cravings are definitely both met when visiting her blog; it’s both fabulous and yummy! Yvonne’s genuine and kind personality is apparent in every one of her blog posts—it’s like she has known each one of her readers for years with inside jokes and the sharing of stories. Call her your blogger best friend! We sure do, and we believe you will, too. Read on for our interview with her in this issue’s Blogger Spotlight.
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Dear Sunny?
Yvonne Huang: I look to the usual style bibles like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, online lookbooks, fellow bloggers big and small, and my stomach (that’s mostly for the recipes). I love publications like Vogue because they create these ethereal, dreamy editorials that transport me elsewhere that only books have ever been able to do. But I don’t dismiss online lookbooks. I love looking to those online because they offer insight to the newest trends. One thing that may be different is the old photographs of my ridiculously stylish mother. For a woman of 5’2”, she had legs for days in those 70’s miniskirts!
What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
The key is fit. If you’re wearing something too loose or too tight, it’ll show in how you act as you wear those items. Imagine a dress that makes you look like Jessica Rabbit; you look great and feel sexy… for a split second before you realize you can’t breathe, let alone go out to enjoy a meal with your manfriend. You’re truly confident when you wear things that fit because you’re no longer relying on clothes to make you feel good; they’re now just an accessory to your natural beauty.
How would you describe your personal style?
Is eclectic a style? My weekly wardrobe depends on the weather, how I’m feeling, and what has recently inspired me. If I see a moody, maroon-soaked editorial, I’m likely to reach for my darker colors and add a deep plum lip. If I see flowers at the market, I may mirror their cheery colors in my wardrobe with pieces like my bright green daisy pencil skirt.

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