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Why You Should See ‘Money Monster’

Money Monster hit theaters this past Friday, and what a ride it was. The movie takes place during the time span of one day, as Wall Street guru and TV show host Lee Gates is held hostage by an angry investor who lost all his money due to one of Gates’ faulty investment suggestions. What initially drew me to this movie was the cast. As a big fan of both George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Money Monster immediately interested me. However, I would have never anticipated the emotional rollercoaster this movie would take me on. From the tremendous story line and terrific acting, to the criticism of our current society, Money Monster tackles it all. This is, without a doubt, a must-see movie for everyone.

Here are some highlights from this phenomenal film.

Money Monster


1. And The Award Goes To…
Both Julia Roberts and George Clooney give incredible performances in the film. Clooney’s portrayal of Lee Gates is at times both funny and heart-wrenching. The way Gates evolves as a character throughout the movie is conveyed powerfully by Clooney. Julia Roberts plays Patty, the director of the show Money Monster. She’s the guiding force throughout the movie, talking in Gates’ earpiece, leading him through the hostage situation. She gives nothing short of an amazing performance, truly expressing the bravery and passion her character possesses.

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I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. I was really impressed the way the film was able to keep the suspense heightened throughout the entire time. There isn’t a single dull moment. It’s so suspenseful you forget you’re actually watching a movie. You feel a part of it, continually anticipating the next big moment. The film keeps you captivated the entire way through as the hostage situation progresses.

Money Monster Official Trailer

3. Right and Wrong
This film blurs the line between right and wrong. Kyle Budwell, played by Jack O’Connell, holds Lee Gates hostage after losing all of his money in a bad investment. Although what Kyle is doing is wrong, you can’t help but sympathize with him. He lost everything due to the lying and greed of Wall Street tycoons. It’s heartbreaking to watch Kyle’s desperate pursuit of an answer for why he lost his money. O’Connell gives an outstanding performance of Kyle Budwell, eliciting sympathy for his character despite the wrong he is doing.

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4. Mad World
There’s a lot wrong with our society, the things we value, our media, and the way we treat one another. Money Monster is able to critique all of these. We’re shown just how horrible the greed of Wall Street can be. We see how the elite rich get richer, in this case by stealing from others. The film also critiques the media. Throughout the film the often show other television shows that are talking about the hostage situation. Many of them are laughing at the situation, making jokes, referencing how this will boost their social media, and so on. The film also shows how it seems we have lost much of our empathy. We see businessmen in a bar watching the hostage situation of TV, making jokes and laughing about it. They had no concern for Kyle Budwell or Lee Gates. To them, it was all entertainment. There’s even a moment in the film where Lee and Kyle are out in the streets moving from one building to another. Kyle is still holding Lee hostage with both a gun and a bomb, yet the people on the streets are crowding around them taking pictures. Money Monster does a superb job at really holding the mirror to our society, allowing us to see that we care too much about appearances and what is for show.
You can watch the trailer below:

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