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You Need to Try These Wireless Headphones by Bragi

Here at Cliché Magazine, we love music. We write about it often, highlighting our favorite artists, new releases, albums, and singles. Music is a universal language and what we use to listen to music is just as important as what and who we listen to. Headphones are a dime a dozen, especially the cheap ones we buy for long flights when we forget to pack our own, the ones that stop working days after purchase, and the ones that were so expensive, we fear using them may break them entirely. All of these headphones may serve their ultimate purposes, but we have just the headphones that will stand out in the crowd.

The Headphone by Bragi are the wireless headphones of your dreams. They brand themselves on having “truly wireless earphones,” and they deliver. We received the black pair and haven’t stopped listening to them since. The Headphone is compatible with any Bluetooth device and features an in-ear remote that allows you to control what you want to skip, play, or repeat, all while giving you the ability to answer calls. The packaging is sleek and cool, but in an effortless way.

The Headphone arrives in a black box with white lettering and blue background that depicts what the headphones look like. Upon opening the black box, you see a blue box the same color as the blue background on the front of the packaging. This case houses the headphones, that lie inside of the carrying case provided, along with instructions, a charger, and stickers with the Bragi logo on them. What we love most about the packaging is that the headphones can be charged while in the carrying case so you never have to worry about losing them. The headphones lock in place so even tipping them over won’t cause them to fall out. We recommend that you charge them before using. In order to charge them, all that you have to do is plug the USB into the carrying case and your computer. When you finish, you can pop them in your purse and go.
While all of the aforementioned things are great, what truly pushes these headphones over the top is both the sound and the silence. While wearing the headphones, the background noises and ambiance cancel out giving you the ability to really hear the music to which you are listening. Bragi’s The Headphone gives you the chance to hear every note from your favorite artists clearly and gives you the chance to fall in love with them all over again, just as you will fall in love with their headphones.
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You Need to Try These Wireless Headphones by Bragi: photos courtesy of Bragi

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