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‘Violin Crooner’ Damien Escobar Chats Music and the Industry

Known as “The Violin Crooner,” Damien Escobar is the epitome of what a true artist is. His talent as a violinist, musical creativity, and enthusiasm makes his performances something you can’t take your eyes or ears off of. He is transforming the way we hear music by letting us feel the rhythmic melodies through his violin strings, and if you didn’t know who Damien Escobar was before, trust us, you’ll definitely know now.

Cliché: You’ve gone from being the other half of a heavy-hitting duo to now a powerhouse solo artist. What has this journey taught you?
Damien Escobar: To stay true to who I am as an artist and to keep the music first. Money, glitz, and glam epitomizes so many artist’s “arrival,” but not for me, at least not anymore. This journey has taught me that music is an antidote safe to “OD” on. As an artist, we serve a higher purpose for so many; I don’t take that power for granted.
Of all the instruments, why the violin? What captured your attention about it, and did you ever explore other options?
Violin was the first instrument I was exposed to at the age of 6. I was the youngest of three siblings, so I had to wait my turn to take up the instrument in school. As you can imagine, I was impatient as hell, so when it was my turn to take, I never looked back.
What was the first song you learned to play and what is your absolute favorite song to play?
My first song was “Twinkle Twinkle,” but my first dope song was “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K.525” by the OG Mozart. That was my go-to song to get girls when I was 10 years old. [Laughs] It never let me down!
Thus far, what has been your most rewarding or stand-out moment in your career?
So many moments—big moments—to choose from, but I would have to say touring with Oprah Winfrey was pretty dope.
I’ve watched your livestreams on Facebook and the way you take requests from fans. You innately seem to know how to play practically any song they choose. How did you teach yourself that?
I’ve always had a really good ear, but as of the past three years, I’ve developed a really great ear. It just takes practice like anything else. I’m a great violinist, but I’m always reaching to be the greatest. Mike Jordan of the A-string type shit. [Laughs]
If there was any singer that you could play the violin alongside, who would it be?
Whitney Houston. We’ll vibe in heaven someday.
This isn’t your first rodeo in the music industry, but this time around as a solo artist, what has been your biggest challenge?
Starting over was difficult. In the early stages, everyone would ask me, “Where’s your brother?” Even my own family was saying that I couldn’t do it without him; it was crazy. I was discouraged. Finding encouragement was difficult in the early stages, but I pushed through it and it worked out.
You’re only in your 20s and you have quite the resume. What is your ultimate goal with this path you’ve started on?
I would have to say that I won’t be satisfied until I get music in rotation on Top 40 radio. Until I make this genre so popular that the Grammys are forced to add our category to the actual live show and not the pre-show, there’s still work to be done.
I’ve read the comments on your videos and seen the reactions your fans have to your performances, specifically the female fans. Have you ever used your musical talent to wine and dine a lady?
[Laughs] I love my female fans. Some of the things they write on my videos have me rollin’ at times. Have I ever wined and dined a lady with my violin? Hmmm… maybe. [Winks] A magician never tells his secrets.
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