Natisa Gogol Inspires with New Single, “Wind of Hope”

By Ashley Castillo

Natisa Gogol is a Ukrainian refugee and pop singer-songwriter who fled Urkania with her young child. Gogol was inspired to write a song about hope and healing titled “Wind of Hope” by the terror-stricken experience of fleeing her home with a powerful message about obtaining strength during dark times. She hopes to take in the steps of artists who inspire her music journey daily, like Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones, Elton John, Barbara Streisand Madonna, and Mariah Carey.

“Wind of Hope” was helped produced by Gregory Darling and Julian Lennon. The producer’s well-known history in the American music industry influences her music and message. The Ukrainian pop singer will perform her song in Prague, bringing a different meaning to her. It means “New stage of creativity, a chance to be heard. Music – like love, it shouldn’t have any boundaries. I love Prague, it is my second home. I want people in Prague to know me and my story, maybe someone will be inspired to think about the importance of gratefulness and happiness in every moment of life.” She performed the song at the station where the refugees were arriving on the first anniversary of the war in Prague. When Gogol isn’t singing and performing, she can be seen indulging in different sides of artistry with poetry, drawing, dancing, and playing the piano. When asked what the song means to her, she responds: “I believe that faith and hope is everything we have now. We should continue to live to love based on the reality we believe in, not based on the reality we have. I want this song to reach the souls of everyone who hears it.” She’s living her lifelong dream and in spite of these tribulations, continues to strengthen her singing career and work on her craft.

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Natisa Gogol Inspires with New Single, “Wind of Hope.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Natisa Gogol.

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