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Emerging Alt Pop Artist Violette Releases Electric New Single “Stop”

Fans can have a glimpse into what’s to come for Violette with her new synth pop track “Stop,” which premiered exclusively on Global Money World. What originally started as an experiment, “Stop” would go on to become the first single off her forthcoming debut EP, In her beauty lies my death and my life, which is set for release on August 13, 2021. Violette describes the track as the song that sets up the rest of the EP and its storytelling:

“It started as an experiment, just making different sounds with my rings tapping a wine glass and random guitar noises. It was through this song that we figured out what the EP was going to be about, both sonically, lyrically, and narratively

“I wanted to be able to put my diary out there without being so explicit and really tell different stories and put you in different places and different moods without having it explicitly say ‘This is the situation,’ but to kinda paint more of a picture and put you in a world.” – Violette

Creating innovative music that tells a timeless story is a difficult feat, but for Violette, the ability to harness both originality and universality is the underlying strength that defines her artistry. After a successful chapter of her career as a rock-pop front woman, Violette is stepping into the spotlight of her own stage, opening the curtains to reveal a solo project that is a bright reinvigoration of her past achievements. A force that is as bold and brave as it is alluring and enchanting, the Baltimore-based singer/songwriter has cultivated an inspired, anthemic sound that captures a rare balance of daring fearlessness and refined sensibility, savoring strongly of a woman of perceptiveness who has much to say, and a world that is eager to listen.

Violette’s debut EP, In her beauty lies my death and my life, is set to release August 13th of this year. The EP’s leading single “Stop” is now available to stream on all DSPs.

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