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Cara Quici is a woman with many talents. She’s a singer, songwriter, performer, part-time model, and the face of Beba Blue. With all these responsibilities, she still manages to balance her career and social life. As her career took off, she managed to go from a small town girl from Corpus Christi, Texas, to living in the big city. She recently released a very intense and fun remake of “Fight for Your Right” by the Beastie Boys on March 22nd, and it was a hit. After viewing some of Quici’s work, I was inspired to learn more. I wanted to know where her love of music originated from and if it was difficult for her to get where she is today. Quici was delighted to chat with Cliché about her childhood, her love of music, and her recent work.
Cliché: Was music a big part of your life as a child? Did you grow up in a household where music was a part of your everyday life?
Cara Quici: Yes! I was greatly influenced by music as a child and grew up within a music-oriented family. My father plays guitar, my brothers are involved in DJing and producing, and my parents were constantly bringing me to amazing jazz, rock, and classical concerts as a young child! I also grew up in choir, in band as a flutist, and performing in school musicals. My father also owns a sound and lighting business, which my brothers and mom are a part of; it’s been our family business for over 20 years!
What inspired you to start singing?
I believe my parents inspired me to sing because they brought me up in a music-oriented lifestyle, and from then on, I made music my life. I also have extended family that are heavily involved in theatre, so I have always been inspired by Broadway.
Do you feel that your parents did all they could to support your singing and modeling as a child?
YES! My father even sent me off to LA for two weeks with my Texas talent agency to pursue my dreams. It was difficult, as my parents could not move to LA to support my career because of the family business in Texas, but I know they tried their best to support my career as much as they could.
Was it easy for you to leave your small town in Texas right out of high school and move to a much bigger city? What challenges did you face, if any?
Yes, it was easy for me to leave because I knew in my heart I would never stop until I made it as a singer and performer. I knew I had to start working on my dream right away! I faced many challenges because I was on my own and had to figure out where to live, buy food, and do my laundry, as well as have two jobs to support myself. I worked at Baskin Robbins and a women’s accessory store with lots of fun jewelry and purses. However, I do love my hometown of Corpus Christi, and I visit my family often! I do miss it and appreciate growing up there.
When did you realize that you wanted to make singing your career?
It was not a specific moment or epiphany when I realized I wanted a career as a singer and performer. I always KNEW within me that’s what I was going to do!
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Photographed by Gian Andrea di Stefano

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