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Barret Turner Releases New Music Video For “Wait”

Barret Turner is a singer-songwriter and producer from Dallas, Texas. For Barret, it all started when he was just a kid and picked up a guitar. He hasn’t been able to stop making music since, but he also never shared the music he created. Now Barret decided it was finally time to let his songs go out past the four walls of his room, so he has been releasing a single a month for the past 10 months. Written and produced by Barret, featuring an undisclosed singer, “Wait” is the last of the 10 singles to be released. To continue celebrating the single release, Barret Turner released a new music video for “Wait.”

“Do you ever focus on a decision in your life.. and it consumes you… where nothing else matters,” says Barret about the story behind “Wait.”

Barret has been diligently working on his craft to get these singles out to the world. On top of that, he has been creating music videos to help share the story behind each song on a deeper level. Just like the music video for “Wait” each one has a story to tell. In one way or another, it relates to something that has happened in his life. “Wait” has such a transparent story that we can all relate to.

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Images provided by Barret Turner, Alec Lizanetz and Morgan Chidsey.

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