Healthy Snacks For A Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love sweets? It can be so hard to start eating better when one of those intense urges to clean out the candy cupboard strikes. Today we want to give you a few ideas for new snacks to reach for the next time you’re needing that sweet taste. For anyone who’s interested in satisfying their cravings in a healthier way, here are the best healthy snacks for a sweet tooth!

healthy snacks for a sweet tooth


We have to get this one out of the way, as you’ve surely heard it before, but fruit is a great snack to take on those sugar cravings! There are so many different options, textures, and flavors, that you’re sure to find the perfect fruit for you that best helps you handle your cravings.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is ideal for all the chocolate lovers out there who can’t imagine going without their daily intake of sweets. Try switching to dark chocolate as opposed to white or milk. It has plenty of health benefits and still tastes amazing.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are a great on-the-go snack that is both healthy, and delicious. They have a sweet tint to them that regular tomatoes do not which can help satisfy your need for a sugar boost.

Dried Fruit

Just like normal, dried fruit is very tasty and has plenty of health benefits. There are a ton of options such as dried mango, dried apricots, dried cranberries, etc. Your favorite fruit is probably in dried form out there somewhere and it has the potential to be your new best friend!

healthy snacks for a sweet tooth

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are another vegetable that has an unexpected kick of sweetness. The next time you are craving something slightly sweet, but not overwhelming, try these. They are quick and easy!


Almonds are the ideal nut for a sweet tooth. They have been proven to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels; not to mention that they are a very satisfying snack. These will fill you up and help your craving all at once!

healthy snacks for a sweet tooth

Fruit Popsicles

For that classic sugary taste, fruit popsicles are a great idea, as they are both refreshing and delicious. To make them even healthier, try making your own at home using juices with less sugar!

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