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Audio sex stories are an underrated way of enjoying smut. While watching pornographic content has become mainstream, audio erotica is slowly taking over the smut world. If you’re a fan of watching porn, you should indulge in audio erotica, as it is a uniquely satisfying form of consuming pornographic content.Audio-based sex stories have become a preferred method of fantasizing about one’s sex life. If you enjoy audiobooks and podcasts, you should consider listening to audio erotica. 

What Is Audio Erotica?

Audio erotica is audio sex stories that consist of sexually explicit narration. The stories have all sorts of porn sounds and noises. There are several websites and applications with audio sex stories.

Some sites cater to men, while others are more women-friendly than your average porn platforms. The best part about audio sex stories is that it lets you exercise your imagination. When you access some of the best places for audio sex stories, remember to thoroughly use your headphones to enjoy an auditory sexual fantasy. 

Best Places to Find Audio Sex Stories

Here are some of the best places to find audio sex stories. 


Quinn is an exclusively creator-driven platform for audio sex stories. On Quinn, users upload their audio clips in which they narrate sex stories, masturbation sessions, erotic sounds, etc. Some stories also feature sounds of having sex. Quinn has a search bar where you can look up different categories and narrow your audio sex stories down to gender, sexuality, specific kinks, etc.


Dipsea, famous as a headspace of audio erotica, features professional and original audio sex stories. The free material also has educational content that lets you connect to your desires and sexuality. The short audio clips feature emotion-driven sex stories. Dipsea has an extensive audio library with thousands of sex stories.

According to The New York Times, Dipsea is the application that has transformed erotica. It features about 5 to 20 minutes long audio sex stories with different content. You can choose a desired storyline and fantasy. It also features clips with a nonbinary partner. You will also find meditations and guided sessions by sex experts. Dipsea is an application focusing on consent, sex positivity, and inclusivity. You can download it for free. For premium access, Dipsea charges about $47.99 for a year.


While Tumblr has cut down its erotic visual pornographic content, it remains the most prominent home for audio sex stories. In addition, Tumblr features user-submitted audio sex stories. These diverse audio clips feature amateur audio erotica. But users have to do some digging to find blogs that feature audio porn. Blogs such as Sounds of Pleasure and Let Me Hear It feature direct-to-listener porn stories as well.

Tumblr is an easily accessible app that lets you explore your fantasies and desires through audio erotica. You can also find a following with the same interest in exploring the audio sex stories offered by this platform. 


Literotica is famous for its user-written smut but also features a unique collection of audio sex stories. In addition, there are narrative-driven erotic stories. For example, erotic murder mysteries to fantasies, you name it, they have it! You can explore common fantasies, including BDSM, infidelity, and boss/employee sexual stories. In addition, Literotica boasts its extensive library of audio sex clips. This site is a ‘no-frills’ type of site. Here, users submit their stories and narrate a wide range of scenarios that can quickly turn you on. Moreover, it is free to access! 


Enjoy musicAudiodesires was launched in 2020 as a source for erotic sex stories. With a juicy archive of sex stories, meditation sessions, guided fantasies, and sexy ASMRs, Audiodesries has become the best place to find erotic sex stories.

Premium subscribers can also submit their fantasies. Audiodesires team approves these fantasies, allowing other users to listen to user-submitted clips. In addition, Auiodesires features a community that lets you share ASMR moaning audio clips. Moreover, you can apply to become a writer or a professional actor for the audiodesires team. Its limited access is free, while it charges $5 monthly for a premium membership.

Sofia Sins

Sofia Sins is an exclusive erotic audio site featuring a range of sex stories. Here you can access both sides of the story. This factor makes Sofia Sins an excellent site for enjoying compelling audio sex stories.

The site features a range of categories, including domination, mature, romance, and various kinks such as cunnilingus. Now you no longer have to indulge in traditional porn, as Sofia Sins lets you access a range of audio porn stories that ignite your imagination.  


Emjoy is a low-profile site for audio sex stories. This site emphasizes self-care and well-being. It has guided meditations, practices, and sessions and features sex stories. If audio erotica intrigues you, you can look into the various audio clips.

Moreover, emjoy will help you explore different aspects of sexuality and sensuality as it helps you understand what you like best. The limited access is free, while premium membership costs $30 a year. 


If you want a balance between reading smut and listening to audio sex stories, FrolicMe is a recommended site. It features compelling tales, written smut, and videos. The audio sex stories section also allows users to read and watch various content.

The content on FrolicMe features tagged keywords that let users access the material of choice. You can search for various kinks, genders, and targeted sexual stories. FrolicMe lets you follow the authors as well, so you can always keep a check on new content. 


Reddit features steamy audio sex stories. It is similar to Tumblr, so you may have to search a bit to find blogs that exclusively post audio sex stories. Reddit lets you wade through various clips. But Reddit has filters that let you avoid subcategories of content you don’t want to see. So, for example, if you want to access sex stories that are potentially erotic but vanilla, you can look into r/pillowtalkaudio.

The Orgasm Sound Library

The orgasm sound library features a collection of women’s recorded orgasms and ASMR. These are by anonymous users. Anyone can upload their content. The clips range from a few seconds up to two minutes. Orgasm sound library can help you access a range of orgasmic sounds. Moreover, it is free for users. So if you want to explore what an orgasm sounds like, this site is tailor-made! 

Final Words

Video graphics porn isn’t the only content that can turn you on! Audio sex stories let you explore different sensualities and help you understand what you like best. Moreover, you can experiment with your imagination. These various sites feature some of the best audio sex stories that let you access audio erotica for free. So if you haven’t widened your horizons, it’s time to explore some of the best audio sex stories available online!

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