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Six Home Renovation Tips You Need To Know Before You Start

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Today we want to share with you six home renovation tips you need to know.  Home renovations and remodeling is obviously very exciting, but it can also be a source of stress. Renovations are expensive, time-consuming and messy. Before you start work, you need to be prepared with these essential tips to keep your project as low stress as you can. Use professional residential architects to help you plan properly. 

Start with a realistic budget. Whatever project you’re working on, you will need a budget set before you can get started, or costs will soon spiral out of control. Find a balance that works for you between a design you can actually afford and your ultimate dream design. Get a realistic quote for materials and labor required, so you know what you’re going to pay out. Your handyman Berkeley crew can assist you in getting all of your home or business repairs, maintenance, and installations done. Make sure to get your contractor to go over your budget with you to make sure you have everything covered and don’t get a nasty surprise. Have some wriggle room in your budget for unexpected costs, as these come up in almost all renovation projects.

Decide what things you’re willing to splurge on and where you’re willing to make compromises. To keep things on budget, there is always going to be some compromises that you have to make. Decide in advance where you’re willing to splurge and where a compromise wouldn’t bother you. For example, if you’re having a new bathroom, you might want to splurge on a beautiful roll-top bath, but be happy to compromise on a more budget-friendly shower.

Make some decisions ahead of starting work. There are lots of decisions to be made during a renovation, so to save yourself some headaches try to make as many decisions as you can before the work starts. Choose your tiles or your wallpaper, to save yourself some choices further down the line.  

Choose the right contractors

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To get the best quality of work, you need to hire the right contractors to do it. You can get suggestions from friends who have had work done that you like the look of, or read reviews online. To be extra sure, you should also check certification and license too. You should also meet with a few potential people to make sure that they understand your vision and are someone that you can get along with. 

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Don’t be tricked by DIY shows. If you’ve watched renovation programs on TV, you’ll know that they often make everything, from pulling down walls to replacing the bathroom look very simple. Don’t be fooled into taking on a project yourself that you can’t manage, and bring in the professionals instead.

Be prepared for the reality of living in a renovation. If you’re going to stay in the house during the remodelling, remember that this won’t be easy. Renovations are noisy and dusty, the house will be full of builders and you’re sure to be tired and grumpy. If you can, try and arrange to stay elsewhere for at least the worst part of the works so you can get a break from it all.  

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