Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him and Her

Now that it’s officially February, it’s time to start planning for the holiday dedicated to expressing your love: Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s definitely a holiday that’s hard to ignore. Everywhere you go are pink and red hearts, advertisements of couples embracing or smiling, and our personal favorite: boxes and boxes of chocolates. While the classic Valentine’s Day gifts of balloons, teddy bears, and sweets are all well and good, we gathered some other gift ideas for that special someone.


Whether you are in a flirty or serious relationship, date nights, especially on Valentine’s Day, often carry high expectations. Now, DateBox is here to take the stress out of planning and make your special Date Night fun and simple. In each DateBox, you’ll find cute activities and games to do together, as well as sweet treats to bake and share. Getting this fun box delivered to your doorstep each month will inspire you both to try something new. It’s a great gift for you both to share! Learn more at

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