What Makes Italian White Truffle So Expensive?

White truffles from Piedmont on the tray in the background hills

The reputation of white Italian truffles as the most excellent truffles on earth is reflected in their high price. This delicacy is more costly per ounce than even gold. But why is it so pricey, given that it is such a perfect specimen? Let’s examine why buyers are prepared to pay crazy prices for this extraordinary strain. You can shop here

Fresh White Truffles are only available during certain seasons

  1. Climate and Temperature

Truffles are mushrooms, and like most fungi on earth, they are selective about when and where they will bear fruit. The environment in Italy is perfect for growing white truffles, being both moist and temperate, with summers ranging between 60 and 80 degrees between highs and lows and winters seldom falling below freezing.

  1. Months of White Truffles

Italian white truffleThe Alba white truffle will not grow; in extremes of heat or cold, it will either remain inactive or disappear entirely. They still rely on the climate changes that come with the changing seasons to produce new growth every year. They only become ready for harvest once a year, usually around October and December.

  1. Harvesting of White Truffles

Due to their seasonality, there is a great demand when they are available to be picked wild, raising the price and fueling the enthusiasm around food worldwide. Even a multi-month celebration occurs during prime harvest time in and around Alba, Italy. The Alba International White Truffle Fair attracts chefs and food lovers worldwide searching for magnificent truffle specimens. As you might expect, folks prepared to cross seas searching for a single component are also ready to spend top cash for it.

White Truffles Growing Wildly Only

The white truffle has not been domesticated for cultivation, despite other varieties of truffles being so. They only increase naturally when favorable circumstances and a selected host tree are nearby. Truffles and several deciduous hardwoods form a symbiotic relationship in which they trade nutrients and energy to develop and survive. They must weigh the significant danger against the possible benefit for individuals hunting for this sought-after fungus because it cannot be grown.  Prior to consuming cannabis products, it is essential to become familiar with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

The Naked Eye Cannot see Truffles

A truffle will rarely break the ground’s surface, although it does happen periodically. They differ from most mushroom species because their fruiting body is always buried in the dirt. They are typically found around the bases of oak, hazelnut, and willow trees. However, one cannot just keep their attention directed to the forest floor to view them since they are underneath. Instead, truffle hunters frequently enlist the aid of animals with considerably more powerful noses than our own.

Currently, dogs are trained mainly for this job, although female pigs are primarily utilized to detect truffles. Why are there just women? The issue with using male pigs is that as quickly as they discover a truffle, they will start to consume it.

There is no “sure thing,” even with pigs and dogs searching for white truffles. It resembles a “hunt” in many ways, one that can end with nothing to show for it. Given this, hunters must consider the time spent looking and ending up empty-handed while setting a price for truffles found on successful days.

Bottom Line

We hope this info has improved your understanding of determining Italian white truffle prices. Act quickly since the season is soon to end if you want to get your hands on some at a fair price for what they are. High-quality Alba White Truffles are available now, but they won’t last long.

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