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Winter Getaway Fashion Checklist

winter getaway fashion checklist

Ah, at last a winter getaway fashion checklist.  We all know that packing for a winter holiday can be tricky, especially if you’ve got an eye on what’s fashionable.  Heavy, wintry items take up more space in your luggage, and thus you’ll be able to take fewer of them. This means you’ll need to be extra-judicious in your selection if you want to make a visual impact. If you’re heading for an extended break of more than a week, then it’s essential that everything have a theme – as you’re going to be mixing and matching quite a lot to squeeze as much variety as possible out of a limited selection.

Here, we’ll run through a our  winter getaway fashion checklist so you know the essential items that’ll make your winter getaway supremely enjoyable.

winter getaway fashion checklist

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Thermal Underwear

If you’re heading somewhere cold, then a few sets of thermal undergarments should be considered mandatory. They take up less space than a big woolly jumper, and they provide just as much protection from the cold. When things get really chilly, you can layer them with jeans, hoodies and jackets – and then you can strip things back when you’re chilling under the sun at lunchtime. As an added bonus, thermal underwear is great for lounging around the chalet.

winter getaway fashion checklist

Ali Pazani at Pexels

Pick One Great Coat

The chances are that in most of your photos, all of the clothes you pick out will be invisible underneath the most important item of all: your coat. Pick out your absolute favorite: something that looks and feels fantastic, and that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long (because that’s precisely what you’ll be doing.


Whether you’re dealing with the ice-slick cobblestones of an inner-city, or the powdery snow of an alpine ski resort, you’ll need footwear that’s suitably chunky. At the same time, if you don’t pick a suitably cosy pair of socks, then you’re almost guaranteed to have a miserable experience. There’s nothing worse than having numb feet, especially when you can’t even wiggle them through a big pair of boots.


winter getaway fashion checklist

Ali Pazani at Pexels

A few pairs of jeans

If you’re going on a trip to Tyrol, cross country skiing, then you’ll be wearing salopettes for most of the day. They need to be water-proof and warm. If it’s a city break, on the other hand, then a selection of three or four pairs of suitably chunky jeans will do the job nicely.


Hats, scarves and gloves aren’t just a visual flourish – they serve the essential purpose of keeping your extremities warm. When the cold weather really begins to bite, you don’t want to be so uncomfortable that you feel you need to cut the evening short.

Your hat, ideally should be able to stretch down over the ears and the back of your neck, and it should be made from something lightweight and stretchable. Something that can’t be squeezed into the same space as a pair of socks probably isn’t suitable for your adventures overseas.

We hope you enjoyed our winter getaway fashion checklist.  Let us know what you’d add in the comments below.

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