The Chunky White Sneaker and How It Will Help You Stay in Style While Going On All Your Spring/Summer Adventures

We have all been through it and cried about it; we have all seen it and laughed about it: that painful walk that happens after wearing uncomfortable shoes all day for the sake of fashion. Sacrificing comfort for a pair of shoes seems stupid until you’re put in that position. It sounds ridiculous, but for most of us, it’s a true story! I one time had a bartender cut me off at a sweet sixteen because I appeared too intoxicated. Not sure which was a greater loss of dignity, I decided not to tell her that my walk was due to my new black, velvet heels. Instead I just rolled my eyes and walked like I was shot in both kneecaps to the other bartender standing at the opposite end of the bar. Those shoes sure did elevate me to a new level of class.

Anyway, the gods and goddess of fashion have blessed us with a trend that will allow us to keep our style while keeping feeling in all of our toes. I present to you the chunky white sneaker and how it will help you stay in style while going on all of your spring/summer adventures. Now we can spend our spring and summer traversing the wonders of the world one easy step at a time without sacrificing the desire to keep a presentable outfit together.

Not only is the chunky white sneaker a miracle for comfort, but it goes with just about anything. Any outfit you decide to put on will most likely look just as good with a chunky white sneaker rather than an ankle-breaking heel.


You don’t believe me? Surely these dad-like sneakers can’t be worn with simply anything. Just check out Olivia Culpo looking clean, professional, and stylish while remaining comfortable in her chunky white sneakers. She demonstrates that a chunky white sneaker can still help you dress to impress.




Still skeptical? Kendall Jenner is seen here looking sexy and comfy in a bodycon dress. What is usually worn out to hit the clubs can now be splashed with a touch of casual from the chunky white sneaker trend so that you can proudly flaunt your curves wherever you choose and still tour your favorite city this spring/summer for hours on end.

Even our elite leaders are jumping on this trend. Michelle and Malia Obama put together fresh mother-daughter looks with summer dresses and their chunky white sneakers. They prove to all of us that effortless class can still be held together without throwing on constraining shoes.




Selena Gomez shows us just how functional and chic the chunky white sneaker look really is. Here she is seen marching at the March for Our Lives event. Comfort had to be the obvious choice, however, with the chunky white sneaker trend, she never had to sacrifice a great look.




Like I said, the chunky white sneaker goes with just about anything. Rihanna shows off a beautifully unique outfit with pops of color across a nearly all-white ensemble. Even her chunky white sneaker reflects the same theme with a gold platform. These sneakers complete her outfit with a sporty sparkle in her street-wear.




Last but not least, Gigi Hadid shows us just what summer can look like for all of us. Her chunky (pink) sneakers are the perfect look to attach to her casual tank and shorts as she briskly walks the streets. Don’t feel the pressure to have to “dress-up” an outfit in order to look your best. Gigi Hadid has the right idea with supportive shoes to match her casual look that still manages to twist heads without twisting an ankle.


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