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Kelly Baum: A Thing of Beauty

We’re at it again with the second addition of Cliché Magazine’s blogger feature with the spotlight on Kelly Baum of A Thing of Beauty. Baum founded her blog in 2011 and it has grown and evolved beautifully over three years, featuring posts from product reviews to motivational words. The style of each post makes Baum’s readers feel right at home, as if they’re sitting across from their best girlfriend sharing beauty and fashion tips and dishing about life’s moments. Her way with words has created not only a bounty of readers on her blog, but a community itself—one that not only shares outward beauty, but inward beauty as well. Self-love is something we’re always rooting for at Cliché, and Baum’s messages have surely been received positively. The blog has been recognized by many, with listed partnerships being Her Campus and Linqia, and Baum has also worked with brands like Global Goddess and Prestige Cosmetics. With a growing audience of 2,000 people who make up eight social networks, including YouTube, there is definitely more to come from this empowering blogger.


Cliché: What are your​ beauty/fashion routines?
Kelly Baum:
My beauty and fashion routines are very similar. I always start with a classic look or piece and then build it up from there. With my beauty routines, I start with a clean, fresh base and light eyeliner, and then add a twist with my blush or lipstick. I do the same with my everyday fashion. I love to start with a classic piece like a pleated black dress or simple skirt and then add pop with a pair of fun shoes or accessories.

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Berry-toned lip balm pencils, a reliable lip balm, and hydrating face masks. I’m a bit obsessed with lip products at the moment, so I’ve been hoarding berry-toned lip balm pencils like crazy! I love them because even after the gloss wears off, you’re left with a pretty stain on the lips. Since the weather is getting cooler, I’m hoarding lip balms to keep chapped lips far away! To give my skin a little extra glow, I love to use a good hydrating face mask once a week to rejuvenate.

Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves?
Brown riding boots. I have been wearing a pair I picked up from Kohl’s last year almost every day this month. I love them because they’re a great way to keep your legs warm as the weather gets cooler. They are also so versatile; I’ve worn them with black tights, dresses, and skinny jeans.
What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
Stick to your style. It’s good to go out of your comfort zone sometimes, but I prefer to stick to a main classic style that I know works for me. It’s what I personally feel the best and most confident in.

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