Simple Steps to Make Your Makeup Pop

Whether you love makeup or are just getting into it, these are a couple of things you can add to make your makeup pop!

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Glitter- After HBO’s Euphoria came out, everyone fell in love with their signature makeup looks. The makeup artist on the set used Lemonhead, a cruelty-free makeup line for these looks. Glitter adds a bit of sparkle to your makeup look. And as an added bonus, it is fairly easy to use.

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Graphic Liner- Graphic liner adds a bit of color and more creativity to your daily makeup.  Water activated liners with thin brushes as well as crème gels help in achieving this look.

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Colored lashes- Though colored lashes recently came into the spotlight, they are quickly gaining popularity. Colored lashes can even be DIYed, all that is needed is concealer and eyeshadow. First go over the lashes with concealer then color them in the eyeshadow color of your choosing. 

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Rhinestones- Another makeup look that came out of HBO’s Euphoria is rhinestones. With just a bit of glue, they can spice up any makeup look. They are easy to get and come in several different colors for any look. 

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Pearl Accents- Pearl studs are another way to add a bit of elegance to a makeup look. These studs can either be used minimally or elaborately. Either way, the studs are sure to make your makeup pop.

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