Must-Have Fashion for Summer Travel

As the summer approaches we all need to take time out of our busy schedules for a much needed vacation break. Cliche are here to make sure you’re dressed your very best during your travelling adventures this summer – wherever you may be going!
Tapestry Poppins Tote Bag by Topshop
This beautifully patterned aztect backpack is perfect for any travelling escapade! At just $56 you can ensure all your belongings are kept safe and close to you at all times whilst looking on trend. A winner all round! Grab this bag over at Topshop.
Pieces June Round Sunglasses by ASOS
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“But I already own too many pairs of sunglasses…” said no girl, EVER. We love these retro sunglasses here at Cliche and they are bound to add the finishing touch to any summery outfit. Team these sunglasses with a crop top and denim shorts for the ultimate casual travelling look! These sunglasses are a steal at just $27.00 on ASOS.
Lace Insert Cropped Kimono by ASOS
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Kimono’s are not only perfect for music festival wear – but travelling too! the light material on this kimono enables you to stay cool during the summer sun whilst completing near enough any look. Wear this kimono whilst exploring new cities and places or chilling on the beach with friends! You can buy this here at ASOS.
Delicate Lace Co-ord at ASOS
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Over the shoulder crop tops are completely on trend  this summer! Co-ord’s are perfect for almost any occasion concerning travel – they are comfortable yet so stylish! We love the boho look here at Cliche and totally approve of this two-sie! Snap up this little gem for $95.00 at ASOS.
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Must-Have Fashion for Summer Travel: Photos courtesy of ASOS and Topshop

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