Fashion Artistry with Isabella Rose Taylor

Every once in awhile, there is a fashion piece we see on the runway that instantly has us oohing and aahing, capturing our hearts like no other. Well, our hearts have been captured again, and this time it isn’t just for a fashion piece, but for a whole line—including the phenomenal designer behind its magical existence. At only 15 years old, Isabella Rose Taylor has broken the glass ceiling in the fashion industry with her youthful, fresh take on urban fashion, sophisticated personality, and passion to design clothing that are walking pieces of art. If it isn’t Taylor’s accomplishment in being the youngest designer to have a clothing line in Nordstrom or being the youngest designer to present a collection during NYFW ‘14, then it is her gift and profound mind that will have you taking a seat back. We’re so honored to chat with this young designer, who is flourishing before our eyes in everything she does.
Cliché: Us fashion fanatics at Cliché think your quote “If art had legs, it would be fashion” is genius. Most importantly, we think that the fashion you create is art in itself. What spiked your inspiration to merge art and fashion?
Isabella Rose Taylor: I came to fashion rather organically through art. When I was around 8 years old, I was interested in mixed media and wanted to incorporate fabric onto my canvas. I decided I needed to learn how to sew. I took sewing and patterning classes and loved it. I loved the idea of making 2D into 3D.
Was being a fashion designer always something you envisioned yourself becoming? Is it different than you thought it would be?
I always envisioned myself doing something creative, and I have always had an interest in fashion. I don’t remember a time where I was not making something, whether it was a drawing, a painting, designing, or even writing a poem. Being in the field of fashion has taught me so much. I did not realize how important the business aspect is; there is so much more than just creating, even within all creative industries. Being at Parsons has taught me a lot as well. Before I started at Parsons, things were happening very organically and maybe not as disciplined, which is okay, but for a business to mature and grow, it takes a lot of planning and structure. One of the biggest lessons was learning about strategy in business: actually thinking about what we were and what we were not as a company. Exercises in branding and positioning take a lot of looking into the fiber of who we are, and it takes a lot of creativity as well.

I just want my pieces to be easy to wear, comfortable, and make the girl feel effortlessly cool and stylish.

Every fashion line has their “person” that they envision dressing. Who is the girl of your fashion line? Is she a jet-setter, a girl boss, a student?
My girl values independence in every aspect of her life and loves to express herself through fashion. She is a girl boss and embodies female empowerment. She doesn’t need permission to be herself.
How do you want your pieces to make your customers feel?
I just want my pieces to be easy to wear, comfortable, and make the girl feel effortlessly cool and stylish.  
You’ve become quite the inspiration for your generation. If it isn’t the amount of accomplishments under your belt at such a young age, it is your voice that is definitely something to be heard. What advice would you give to others like you following their dreams?
I would say that there is never a perfect time. You need to practice dreaming, and when you find something you really want to pursue, you just need to begin. Ask for help. Learn everything you can. But again, just begin and expect to make mistakes along the way. Learn from those mistakes and never stop learning. I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned from them and that is why I am studying the business of fashion at Parsons now.
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Fashion Artistry with Isabella Rose Taylor: Photographed by Business Rockstars

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