Ed Letter: June/July 2017

When I look back on the last several years here at Cliché as Editor in Chief, I think of emails. There were a lot of them: emails from my writers, emails from potential partners, and emails from countless talent representatives from all across the country. During my first year as Editor in Chief, while I was still attending university, I read them on my bus ride home. I’d reply from my Macbook in the college library. I’d sneak responses in during lectures and at my part time job, careful not to get caught by my professors or my bosses. While it’s quite a change from where I am today (no longer in school but receiving more emails than ever), that eager hustler in me is still the same.

Looking back, I am fairly certain this magazine wouldn’t be where it is today without all those people who wrote and sent those emails to me in the first place. We have such a dedicated, talented team here, and even more support from brands and agents than I could possibly count. And even though sometimes I wake up in the morning and groan when I see my inbox is overflowing (let’s be honest!), I know that deep down I am thankful for each email, because it means that people are interested. It means that people are connecting. It means that people care. To everyone who has ever sent me an email over the past five years, this issue is for you.

Although I’ve only been the Editor in Chief for five years, I’ve been on the team since its first year, and this month, our humble magazine turns 8. Our anniversary issue also happens to be our summer issue. Imagine the chicest swimsuits you’ve ever seen and then turn to pg. 56 to watch that vision unfold. We’re talking curly hair hacks, skin saver regimes, and all your summer beauty needs starting on pg. 20, and we’re binging summer flicks, too, so get to know all the actors we have our eyes on this season starting on pg. 62. If music’s more your thing, flip to pg. 112 to learn about everyone you need to see on tour.

Finally, be sure to catch our two cover girls on TV this summer. The beautiful Sierra McClain talks the latest season of the FOX hit Empire and the fierce Dorothy Wang joins the fray in Famously Single on July 9. We know we’ll be watching, and you should, too!

Enjoy this issue and the summer sun.

Megan Portorreal
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Ed Letter: June/July 2017 originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2017 Issue. Photographs courtesy of Megan Portorreal.

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