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Whether you know her for her rad outfits, incredible business Foray, beautiful blog Hey, Miss Carter, have perused her Instagram @Kaitlynn like no tomorrow, or you’ve spotted her cozied up next to her fiancé, Brody Jenner, we’re sure that Kaitlynn Carter has made it onto your radar one way or another. As a blogger, business owner, fiancée, wanderer, and so much more, Carter is an on-the-move gal who always makes us want to not only pack a bag and go to her next destination, but also go out into the world and do what we wish. Her go-getter attitude, carefree ambiance, and fearlessness to make the most of what this life has to offer truly fuels our spirits even on the not-so-sunny days. Join us on our journey with this awesome babe as she answers some questions that have been lingering in our minds. You’ll easily be whisked away into the hypnotizing world of Kaitlynn Carter—and we’re positive you’ll want to visit as much as you can.


Cliché: Your travels always look out of this world. Do the places you visit impact the way you look at fashion?
Kaitlynn Carter: Yes, absolutely! One of my favorite things about traveling is the opportunity to dress so differently from how I dress at home. I love to interpret local fashion in my own way. I often travel with my blogger girlfriends, and it’s so fun to see the way each of us puts our own spin on the local fashion!

We like to think of you as a boho babe, but how would you describe your style?
I’d say feminine, practical, and slightly eclectic. The most I’ve ever felt like an outfit perfectly represented my style was just recently, actually. I was wearing a flowy, floral Preen Line dress, fishnets, and some lace-up moto boots. Another favorite is my Coach bomber jacket; it’s reversible and one side is super colorful with floral prints. It’s my go-to when I want to elevate any look. Then, of course, my daily uniform is still a Reformation t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Do you have any fashion icons? How do they influence your style?
I have a ton! Most of them are fashion bloggers. My favorites are Shea Marie, Kelsey White, Negin Mirsalehi…I also love everything Amal Clooney and Poppy Delevingne wear. I try to steer clear or anything super trendy, but I love to pick up on the funky aspects of my style icons’ outfits and figure out my own twist on it.

Compared to your statement outfits, your home takes on a much more calming and laid-back look. We can’t help but think of it as a dreamy oasis! What inspires you to decorate it? Is there a certain theme you strive to create within it?
Well, the one guideline I was given for decorating our house (which I share with my fiancé) was to not go overly feminine. We live in Malibu, so I decided to go with an airy, beachy, neutrals theme and incorporate blues and greenery for pops of color. I draw inspiration from my favorite interior designers including Amber Lewis, Studio McGee, and Jillian Harris.

I try to steer clear or anything super trendy, but I love to pick up on the funky aspects of my style icons’ outfits and figure out my own twist on it.

Your business, Foray, is such an innovative and online savvy way to shop Instagramable looks with a click! What sparked your interest to creating it?
My business partner and I had lunch a few years ago, back when blogging and social media were just beginning to blow up. We began discussing ways to improve the way that consumers and the public interact with influencers and we came up with the idea for an influencer-driven e-comm platform. Foray has evolved in many ways since then, but that’s how we got started!

How do you go about choosing your Foray influencers? Is there a certain “it factor” you look for?
Yes! We look for quality over quantity. By that, I mean we care far less about an influencer’s following and more about their genuine talent, if they have great, unique style, and are kind, hardworking, and fun to spend time with!

What hopes do you have for Foray? Any exciting ventures for the brand in the future?
We just launched our first capsule collection of swimwear and I love it! I’d like to keep launching mini capsules of different types of apparel. We will relaunch our entirely new influencer platform this year. We are also always planning a bigger and better Coachella weekend, and we have #FORAYgetaways planned to Turks & Caicos, the Hamptons, London, and a bunch of other exciting destinations this year!

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