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Love is in the air, and we couldn’t think of a better way to fully channel the Valentine’s Day spirit than with a blogger couple that has quite literally swept us off our feet. Anthony and Caroline of the blog A New Kind Of Love have what we all would envision as a modern-day, fairytale romance. After discovering each other on Instagram, a spontaneous trip to Copenhagen from England, and a life-changing meeting that would intertwine their lives forever, these two beautiful people have been together ever since their first moments in 2014. Together they have captured the attention of thousands of fans all over the world through their stunning Instagram posts and blog, which captures both of their unique and creative aesthetics and exciting life’s happenings—including the announcement of their baby girl. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share the true love between Anthony and Caroline with all of you. Fall head over heels with this lovely pair and get to know a bit more about their beautiful life.

Cliché: What inspires the both of you to create content on A New Kind Of Love?
Anthony: We both love to create content that is real and honest that most couples can relate to. We like to share our own stories and hopefully inspire other couples, if it’s fashion, interior, or traveling—but in a way that is appealing and pleasing to the eye.
Caroline: I am inspired by a lot of things, mostly by our followers, actually. I try to create what they say they want to see or read from us. I love creating beautiful images with everyday objects, and making the most out of the outfits or items we have.

What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
Anthony: The key is to feel natural in what you are wearing. Something that makes you feel good and comfortable will make you feel confident. We never shoot in outfits that are not loyal to our style simply because it does not make us feel good and it is not something we wear in our everyday lives.
Caroline: I agree with Ant. Also, I think it’s important to care very little about what others think. The moment you’re completely confident in yourself is when you stop thinking about the opinion of other people.

How would you describe each of your personal styles?
Anthony: I take a lot of inspiration from indie rock and roll from the 2000s. Skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, leather jackets, and big hats are pieces that have stuck with me over the past 10 years. When I dress smart, I also add my own touch to make it more rock n’ roll or edgy.
Caroline: My style is quite minimal and very girly, with a dash of rock n’ roll. I am almost always in monochrome outfits, with boots, lots of leather, and almost always in a dress or skirt. I never accessorise much, as I have so many tattoos, so I think they do the job fine. I never do my hair; it’s always straight out of bed, so the messy bohemian hairdo has sort of become my look now.

If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their own personal style, what would it be?
Anthony: Find a style that you feel comfortable in and stick with it. Don’t follow trends or what you think is the safe option. Just find a style that makes you feel good.
Caroline: Go a little wild and try some things out, but yeah, never follow trends. You will end up broke and constantly chasing “the next thing,” but I would definitely be as daring and bold as your confidence allows you to be. Wear big hats, or buy the flare pants you always wanted, or maybe a bowl cut looks amazing on you! I think you just have to experiment a little bit before you find your best style… and then stick to it.

Scenario time! You both booked a trip for a last-minute getaway together to your dream destination. Where do you go—and what are your must-have essentials to pack?
Anthony: My dream destination is somewhere I can escape and be at heart with nature—somewhere cold surrounded by beauty. Places like Canada and Alaska or northern regions of Scandinavia are where I would like to go. My essentials would be my camera to capture the moments, full winter gear because it’s obviously going to be cold, and a picture of our dog, Zoey, to remind me of home.
Caroline: I’m totally in on that trip! I am really not good with heat, so it would definitely be somewhere cold. I would probably bring a whole box of fresh exotic fruits; I have a bit of a habit with eating A LOT of fruits… and I guess they are hard to come by in Alaska. I would also bring board games! We love them.


Do you two have any fashion idols?
Anthony: I don’t necessarily have fashion idols as such, but I have lots of people that I get inspired by, like the guys at Art Comes First. Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh have an extraordinary eye for detail, combined with an artistic vision. I love everything about their style and they inspire a lot with the way I like to dress. I also take a lot of inspiration from fashion blogger Tony Stone.
Caroline: Same goes for me. I have never actually had any real idols. I am more inspired by music and art, I think. But I guess if Marilyn Manson, Alexa Chung, and Olivia Palermo had a baby, I would be a style fan! I love the dark and twisted universe of Marilyn Manson, the chic and bohemian look Alexa has, and then Olivia, who is so girly, but at the same time very daring and experimental. I also love Karl Lagerfeld. I think he is as close as you can get to cool.

Let’s face it: we all have that one item in our closet or makeup bag (for Caroline, of course!) we cannot live without. What’s yours and why?
Anthony: I cannot live without my Pelechecoco Leather biker jacket. For years, I have been looking for the perfect vintage leather biker, but never had one I was satisfied with until I found one at Pelechecoco. It goes with me everywhere.
Caroline: For me, I must say my toga pull buckle boots! They are so close to perfection and they really make any outfit cool. Then my light grey Raiine mohair turtleneck sweater; I literally wear this every day. And last but not least, I have this suede/leather biker jacket from Mango. It was so inexpensive, but I have worn this jacket so much. In my makeup bag, it’s definitely my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (the lightest one). I love the super pale, clean skin look without it looking like I have too much product on my skin. This one does the trick!

What do you hope to create and spread on A New Kind Of Love?
Anthony: We just hope to keep inspiring and creating content that our followers enjoy reading. We are both working really hard and learning new skills so our content is better than ever. We want to create a platform where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas, as well as us sharing ours.
Caroline: For me, A New Kind Of Love is a place where I can share my thoughts and ideas about not only style, but also on how we chose to live our daily lives, what troubles us, what makes us happy, and so on. It’s a great outlet for me personally, but most importantly, I hope to connect with the people who read our blog and hopefully find that we are in fact not so different. I also just love creating content. I love shooting pictures, styling outfits, and creating stories, and I aspire to get better and better at this as we progress.

I also hope to inspire people to chase happiness, through sharing our stories. We love taking risks, and have done so in many ways in order to become the happiest and best versions of ourselves. I often think people are busy chasing status, money, and success. In my head, happiness is the only thing you should really chase, and then the rest will follow.

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