Amazing Fashion Life Hacks for College Students

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Today we want to share some amazing fashion life hacks for college students.  Are you a college student who is always striving to look perfect? If so, keep in mind all the recommendations from this post or simply bookmark it. In addition, you can get UC premium college apparel to show off your school pride, Bearcats team spirit, and look great at the same time. You never know when fashion life hacks can come in handy.

Prevent Denim Fading

The first life hack will help you to keep your denim clothes in good condition. If you want your jeans to last longer, you have to wash them inside out. Also, try not to wash them at a high water temperature as it can also fade your denim. 

However, if your jeans are already faint, you can purchase a pack of special washing powder for denim. It will help you renew the color of your jeans.

Remove Lints from your Clothes

After a particular time, lints on clothes may appear. They definitely won’t enhance your outfit. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated to remove them. There are a lot of machines that can cut lints. They are small and not expensive. 

However, if you don’t have time to expect a delivery or go to a store, grab a razor and run it over your clothes. After this, use sticky tape to remove all leftovers.

Iron Collars Fast

Do you like wearing shirts, or are they a part of your uniform? Remember, the collar should always be well-ironed as it’s impossible to hide it under other clothes. If you have a few minutes to iron your collar, bring a hair straightener and go them over it. 

Remember, a hair straightener heats up very fast, so that you shouldn’t stop and hold it on fabric. This can cause your collar’s damage or even start a fire if the fabric is thin.

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Refresh your Clothes Quick

Do you need to go to a party but your jeans don’t smell well? There are a few options to resolve this problem. For starters, you can wash them and dry, but this option requires a lot of time.

As an alternative, you can spray your favorite perfume over your clothes. Unfortunately, it’s a short-term solution as your perfume may get away fast or get mixed with the existing odor.

To refresh your clothes fast, put them into a freezer. Don’t forget to put them into a bag first. The cold will remove the odor by killing stinky bacteria. It is the most hassle-free way to make your clothes fresh again.

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Remove Gum from Clothes

Sometimes accidents with clothes may happen. One of the worst-case scenarios is when gum sticks on your clothes. In such a case, don’t get discouraged. There is no need to say goodbye to your favorite apparel. 

Grab a cube of ice and cool the gum to make it hard. Also, water from the melting ice cube will make it less sticky. After this, grab a knife and remove the gum. Remember, do not scrape or peel the gum before freezing it.

Make your Shoes Comfortable

Do you have a pair of your favorite shoes, but they feel tight? There is no need to rub your legs till the blood. Use this helpful life hack and make your shoes convenient. 

For starters, you need to clean your shoes. Then grab two plastic bags, fill them with water, and put the bags into your shoes. Lastly, put your shoes with water bags into a freezer. 

After this, wait. Physics will stretch your shoes. When freezing, the water becomes hard and increases its volume. Correspondingly, it will stretch your shoes. In a few hours, put your shoes out from the freezer, check the fit, and repeat if needed. 

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Life-Saving Recommendation

All people want to look good. However, sometimes unexpected issues happen. Most frequently, people stain their shoes accidentally. If you like wearing shoes or sneakers made from fabric, you should cover them with wax. It will also make them waterproof. 

Also, there are a lot of different protection sprays for shoes on the market. You can purchase one and make all your shoes safe from the mug, water, and other stains.

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