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The SmartBuy Collection is the best deal out there (for real)

From October 12th until October 20th, you will be able to buy your next pair of eyeglasses from SmartBuyGlasses for free (well almost). In the spirit of World Sight Day, SmartBuyGlasses is removing the cost of the frames on their collection SmartBuy, meaning that you will only have to pay for the lenses in order to get a pair of glasses. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who thinks about wearing glasses instead of contact lenses.

Eyeglasses might be one of the hardest realizations for someone to wear if you’re into fashion, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Eyeglasses can add a whole new element to any outfit that you’ll wear, and for the younger generation, it can make you look significantly older.
The toughest realization when getting your first pair of glasses can be that they don’t suit any of your current outfits, and with eyeglasses already being as expensive as they are, owning more than one pair just wouldn’t be worth it.
And this is what the website SmartBuyGlasses saw and wanted to work against – style & practicality shouldn’t be defined by owning just one pair of eyeglasses, but rather, it should be about finding what you love and more.  That is why in the spirit of World Sight Way, SmartBuyGlasses are selling their SmartBuy collection without charging anything for the frames, meaning, you’ll only have to pay for the lenses and nothing else.

This is a great opportunity for anyone out there that has been holding out on getting their first pair of glasses because of the price tag and are having a hard time choosing the one and only frame. Buy multiple models to make sure that you look good in every outfit and never be in doubt again.
Moving on from fashion, there is another strong reason to promote this deal, which is at the heart of the SmartBuyGlasses values. The company has always been committed to making vision accessible to everyone, reducing the number of visually impaired people worldwide. This is why SmartBuyGlasses has taken the opportunity to offer free frames – with the anticipation that everyone will be able to enjoy both premium eyeglasses and eye-catching savings. World Sight Day works to bring attention towards blindness and vision impairment. By making eyeglasses not only in a good design but also to an affordable price, SmartBuyGlasses hopes to destigmatize wearing eyeglasses, making it a part of fashion.
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