6 Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid

More and more, the notion of personal brand is becoming the key to landing your dream job or getting into the hottest new club. As a result, from the beach to the boardroom, making a good first impression is crucial.  Every time you walk out your door, you are stepping into first impression territory.  Certain things like personality and confidence surely play a role, but let’s not underestimate the crucial role fashion plays in making a good first impression.  Here are the top six fashion faux pas to avoid to ensure you leave every encounter in top form:

  1. Did someone say beach?

beach fashion photoWhile the beach is a casual way to gather with friends, it is a serious opportunity to show off your personal style.  So ditch that old swimwear that is too baggy in some places and too tight in others!  Fashionable swimwear is as important as the perfect little black dress, and FELLA swim is THE place to go for this year’s top trends.  Do some research on swimwear for your body type, and splurge on a head-turning piece to ensure you are the bombshell of the beach.

  1. Strut your stuff

We’ve all seen her, the girl who tried her best to throw together the perfect outfit, but had an epic wardrobe fail with the WRONG shoes. From stilettos to sandals, make sure your shoe fits the occasion, fits the outfit and most importantly fits your foot.   Your choice in shoes is important for both your personal and professional success.  A recent study reported that 80% of executives say shoe choice is extremely important in creating a good impression!

  1. Trend happy

Keeping up with the latest trends is a great idea.
Although, getting carried away and trying to make every article of clothing and accessory be on trend can be disastrous. In your quest for personal brand perfection, remember the old saying that less is more.  An understated outfit donning a couple trendy pieces will be far more eye catching than one that is obviously trying too hard.

  1. Know your body type

tight skirt photo

Photo by pearce109

Girl, if those jeans don’t fit, don’t wear them.
We all have that pair of “incentive” jeans lurking in the back of our closet from the smaller waistline of yesteryear.  Do not, I repeat, do not, wear them out in public unless they truly fit you.   A well-fitting outfit can do way more than just make you look good and feel good, it can help your professional life.  Dressing like a leader is crucial for women in the workplace.  So check yourself before you walk out the door to ensure your outfit is right for your body, and for the occasion.

  1. Strike while the iron is hot

Literally, iron your clothes when your iron is hot.
A beautiful outfit is a total waste if it is wrinkly.  Ten minutes of ironing will save you a lot of insecurity when you realise instead of looking at your beautiful face, people are aghast at your wrinkly blouse.  Did you know 43% of executives are less likely to promote an employee that wears wrinkly shirts to work? If you want a promotion or to be asked out on a second date, iron your clothes.  Simple.

  1. Be yourself, not somebody else

Have you ever met someone and been like, wow, everything about this person from their head to toe and smell is perfection. Well feel free to take a page from their playbook, but don’t steal the whole book.  A perfect style stolen and replicated becomes immediately tacky.  Gathering influence and inspiration is key, but keep your mitts off other people’s personal brand and make sure yours is unique and yours.
So there you have it friends.
A 6 step guide to decreasing fashion faux pas and increasing personal zest to ensure you are thriving personally and professionally.  Next time you step one foot out the door take a moment and think, if I run into my mega crush or my boss, is this outfit representing who I am?  If you hesitated for even a second, turn around and tune up your look. You never know when a surprise first impression will change your whole life.
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