5 Tips to Style Your Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

Today we’re going to share with you 5 tips to style your Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. 

Just because you are wearing medical scrubs does not mean you look scrubby on the job. Grey’s Anatomy women’s scrubs are the most functional work uniforms, which are also high on the comfort factor.

For women working in the medical field, it can be tricky to incorporate flattering cuts, incorporate fashion trends, or wear complementary colors with the no-frill medical uniforms.

  1. Select a Complementary Fit

Grey's Anatomy ScrubsScrubs come in various styles and fits. There are multiple types of scrubs from open collar to V-neck. It will help if you look for medical scrubs that are suitable for your body type. If the scrubs do not compliment your body structure, no accessories or other styling tips will work for you.

For example, ruffles and smock tops look good on slim women. Choosing the right fit is only part of the picture. You need to ensure the scrubs are comfortable to wear and do not cause any hindrance while delivering your duties.

  1. Don’t Forget the Lab Coat

If your medical profession requires you to wear something over the scrubs, make sure it complements your medical uniform. If the hospital dress code permits lab coats, you can buy a form-fitting lab coat.

You can get the lab coat tailored to your size and add brooches to make it look attractive. Another option is buying a trendy nurse coat with short or long sleeves.

  1. Get an Attractive Headband

You can use your hair as an accessory that emphasizes your face and also adds some twinkle to your scrubs. If your hair is curly, you can wear it straight or curly.

If you have long hair, you can find creative ways to make it look elegant. The medical headbands are essential for managing your hair while you focus on the tasks at hand. You can match the colors of the headband with your medical scrubs.

  1. Get the Right Accessories

There are plenty of ways to complement your Grey’s Anatomy women’s scrubs and personalize your uniform. Before selecting any accessories, check the employer’s policies regarding accessories. Some employers restrict some accessories with medical uniforms for safety purposes.

However, there are other ways to be fashionable, even in medical attire. If you carry a stethoscope, you can make it look unique by adding some stethoscope charms or decorative ID tags. There are several other creative ways to style your medical uniform without violating the hospital dress code.

  1. Keep the Medical Scrubs in Good Shape

The primary objective of styling your medical scrubs is to ensure you look good at work.  If your scrubs are not in good shape, no accessory will make it look better. Workplace stains are common in medical scrubs. It will be best if you keep your medical scrubs clean and stain-free.

If your hospital dress code permits, buy medical scrubs of darker colors, which will make stains less noticeable. Keep one extra pair of scrubs in hand and rinse the soiled/stained scrubs immediately to keep them in good shape. 

These are some useful tips that can help you style your Grey’s Anatomy women’s scrubs and prepare you to grace the halls of your clinic/hospital with style and comfort.

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