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10 Comfortable Outfits you Need for 2021

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Today we want to share with you 10 comfortable outfits you need for 2021. One of the nicest things about loungewear is that a lot of it is mix and match. No matter your color preference, black yoga pants and a grey cardigan always go together; add a pink tank and you’ve got a proper outfit. Below are several pieces of loungewear that can quickly be turned into a variety of outfits.


Leggings are a nice base for your womens loungewear set mix and match setup. You can find leggings in black, grey and black, or you can invest in some fun colorblock leggings which can be quickly matched to multiple garments. If you are looking for comfy clothes for women, you will love Dressbarn, the whole selection is available online, so shop in comfort!


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While men’s sweats tend to be a bit sturdier and come only in a limited number of colors, women’s sweatpants are available in a wide variety of patterns, weights, and styles. Even better, these sweatpants can be found in a variety of lengths, so if you’re headed out for a run, your work from home capris can quickly turn into your workout pants.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can quickly be turned into “answer the door” pants with a long tee. While the waistband placement can be problematic for some, there are many different manufacturers and designers that create either low rise or high waist yoga pants. From Dressbarn to Old Navy, you can find yoga pants to wear every day.



A caftan can quickly be turned into a maxi dress if you need to run out and take care of errands while working from home. Luckily, caftans are a great option when the weather gets hot. With a trip pair of capris or biking shorts under your caftan, you’ll be plenty covered and feel quite comfortable.


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Comfy lounging shorts can quickly go from sleeping to errands to housework. A snug-fitting pair of biking shorts can even be used out and about if covered with a long tee or a long hoodie. Even more fun, there are many leggings and shorts in a wide variety of patterns.

Long Tee

Finding a long tee can be a challenge for some women, so why not look for a mini dress? The world of tights, leggings, capris and bike shorts is changing rather quickly. With a mini-dress and a long cardigan, you can turn your yoga pants into daywear.


Hoodies are a great option when the weather gets cold; any garment with a built-in hat is a great tool when the temperature drops. Hoodies also often have a pocket, so if you need to make a quick trip out into the world, you can skip the purse and bring your ID and credit card with you in your pocket.


Whether you need to be presentable for an online meeting or you just like to layer up to avoid the chill, there are many wonderful tanks that you can enjoy as a way to add a pop of color to your basic outfit. Black pants plus a grey cardigan is a good base, but you can change up these pieces with a pink, blue, red or yellow tank.

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