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Why You Should Be Watching Bob’s Burgers

Let’s forget for a second about Family Guy and The Simpsons and focus on another dysfunctional yet seemingly relatable television family that’s a barrel of laughs. This is why you should be watching Bob’s Burgers, currently on its ninth season on FOX.

We all like animated comedy shows about families who seem to never have a normal day. Each member is unique in their own way and you somehow find yourself thinking, “Oh yeah! That’s totally me.” The Belchers of Bob’s Burgers have a bit of everything you could want, while it still being PG-13.

Each episode is completely different, but follow the daily lives of a nutty family. Bob Belcher is an ‘entrepreneur’ who owns a burger restaurant on Ocean Avenue in a state we are never really aware of. His wife Linda and his three children, Louise, Gene and Tina help run the restaurant, but episode locations span beyond the restaurant.

In all honesty, if this family was real you would think they are a complete trainwreck.

Let’s start with Bob. He is a pudgy, grumpy, not very exuberant man who really thinks of himself as a craftsmen with his flare for artisanal burgers of the day. We never really see him smile, like ever. He has a classic pessimistic attitude and seems the most sensible of the bunch, but has his exasperated moments. He is also quite stubborn. Is this reminding you of anyone?

Female matriarch Linda is quite the woman. She’s the complete opposite of Bob. Opposites attract I suppose. Linda is go lucky, happy, fun, completely flamboyant and is more than happy to go with the flow of any odd plan. She encourages her children to be themselves, no matter how weird it really is. She’s the definition of exuberant, loves to belt out in song and is loud. She probably resembles you one of your aunts.

Tina Belcher is a special entity all on her own. As a pubescent pre-teen, she is OBSESSED with boys and her number one crush, Jimmy Pesto. She also has a weird knack for writing erotic fanfiction. This includes lots of butts and zombies. Tina even has a hobby for horses and like any tween, a fixation for a boy band. Think One Direction, but worse. Although, you can relate to her social awkwardness and insecure character.

Gene is something else. Being the only boy and middle child, he is out there. He is also carefree and likes to make people laugh like Linda. He consistently likes to annoy people with fart sounds he records on his Casio SK-5 keyboard. He’s the more comical and more childlike character out of the bunch. He reminds you of your little cousin who’s more than happy to sit in a tub of beans.

Finally, we have the mastermind that is Louise. You can spot her a mile away because of her pink bunny ears hat she always wears. You will never see her hair. She is witty, maniacal, devious, smart, cunning and it’s all in one tiny person. She is the one responsible for most of the issues the family has to resolve or the adventures her and her siblings go through. Despite you thinking she is almost narcissistic, she loves her family and is a total Daddy’s girl. You often think Louise in the future will either be a mob boss, in jail or some evil villain.

Each episode will have you snickering with how much each character play off each other and just how much you seem to relate to all the characters in one way or another. Each episode is a brand new problem and adventure The Belcher’s must conquer.


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