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Veronica Dunne, daughter of former Blues Brothers member Murphy Dunne, is more than just crazy beautiful. Having been born into a very talented and creative family, there is no doubt that this young woman was born to be a star. This month, we chat with Dunne about how she landed the role of Maritsa on Disney Channel’s hit series K.C. Undercover, and what inspired her to become an actress in the first place.

Cliché: Have you ever felt pressured to be successful because your dad was a member of the Blues Brothers?
Veronica Dunne: I don’t really think I have ever felt pressured, especially because he is so encouraging and wonderful. But he definitely inspired me; he is so talented and hilarious. Yeah, I didn’t feel pressured—I was more excited than anything.

While growing up, were there any actors/actresses that inspired you?
Yes, I am a huge Lucille Ball fan. I love I Love Lucy; you can say it inspired my type of comedy. As a child, my mom bought me DVDs of I Love Lucy and sometimes I would pretend to be sick so I could stay home from school, lay in bed all day, and watch them.

What was the first role you landed, and did you know from then on that you wanted to pursue a career in acting?
One of the first lead roles I played was Winifred from Once Upon a Mattress, which is the musical version of The Princess and the Pea. It was just fantastic. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an actress, especially after playing a lead role like that one.


Top: Six Crisp Days, Skirt: Endless Rose, Heels: Tamar Collection, Cuff: Artelier, Rings: Amarilo, Bangle: Per Lo

For those who haven’t had a chance to see K.C. Undercover yet, can you give us a quick synopsis on it and your role in the series?
K.C. Undercover is about a teenage girl who discovers that her family are spies and that she has to join the family business. I play Maritsa, K.C.’s best friend. Maritsa is high energy, outgoing, the life of the party, and boy-crazy. She is a really exciting and perky character to play.

Can you tell us what the audition process was like?
I have been auditioning for Disney for many years and getting to the ends of many projects. This one, however, was a bit nerve-racking. I went in for a casting and read a few lines, then I met up with the creator of the series, Rob Lotterstein, and we spoke for a good 20 to 30 minutes. I had visited the network a couple of times and I screen-tested it, and then they narrowed it down to three girls. Then, the next morning, they called me back in and we screen-tested again and they narrowed it down to two girls, but yeah, it was a really long and thrilling process.

I also read that, at the same time, you were also offered the position of Sophie in Mamma Mia. Was it tough for you to decide which one to choose?
Yes, it was a very difficult decision because to be a lead on Broadway at my age was an unbelievable offer, but being on a Disney Channel TV series was a dream of mine, too. It was really hard, but I knew I would always be able to go back and perform in a show on Broadway someday, but being a regular character on a Disney Channel TV series is a once in a lifetime thing, especially when your time is limited. You can only play a teenage girl for so long.

If you were not an actress, where would you see yourself today?
If I wasn’t an actress, I would love to be a musical theater teacher to kids because I love musical theater and I love kids.

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