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In case you’ve been living under a rock, MTV’s television series Scream will be gracing our screens, and it is everything we have been waiting for. Fans of the film series will love that MTV is keeping the tongue-and-cheek humor as well as the self-awareness that made the series a hit. Plus, Wes Craven is one of the producers, as well as Marianne Maddalena (who worked on all the Scream films), Cathy Konrad (who has worked on Scream 1-3) and Jill Blotevogel (TV series Harper’s Island). The question is: will you be ready for all that blood? We felt we were ready after speaking with Scream’s handsome Connor Weil.
If you don’t know who he is, you will before the end of summer. Weil’s character, Will Belmont, is the son of a farmer and star basketball player in his school. Will is also the boyfriend of Emma Duvall, played by lead actress Willa Fitzgerald. Everyone thinks he has a bright future ahead of him and wants the best for him. He may be playing the “jock” of the group, but that doesn’t mean his character is going to be a bad guy… or does it? Could Will be our new Ghostface? Or could it be someone else lurking in the shadows? Weil is the definition of sweet, kind, and fun to talk to. I have a hard time thinking he could play a cold-blooded killer, as he’s such a sweetheart, but you never know with Scream. They have made some interesting choices for killers in the past, such as Scream 4.

Connor Weil of MTV Scream

As a lover of all things horror, I will admit that I looked upon the idea of a slasher television series with a bit of wonder. I had a lot of questions on how they could make it work and where they would take a show based on such a well-known movie franchise. Having been a huge fan of Harper’s Island, I knew that a slasher series could work. Sure, most of the cast may be killed off as the series goes on, but that doesn’t mean you’ll know the killer any sooner than most of characters that are left. I truly believe Weil when he says, “I don’t think you’ll figure out who the killer is, even towards the end. It’s going to be a real ride.”
What else did Weil have to say about the new series? Quite a bit, really. He seemed to be in love with the show even more than I am; although, to be fair, he has seen the script, and I have only seen the trailer. In fact, he says that the fandom is part of the reason why he loves working on Scream. While others would worry that all this hype would put a lot of pressure on the cast and crew, Weil disagreed. “All the love and the support is amazing. It has upped our game. It’s made us all want to put forth the best we can give, and I think the series will be really good because of that.”
He went on to add, “I think people are really going to love the relationships of the characters a lot. Everyone loves working with each other, and we have a lot of fun. I think you can really see and feel the bond that we have with each other. People are really going to feel for the characters as the show goes on.”
With how much love and respect Weil has for the series, it was shocking to hear that he was new to the Scream franchise and the horror genre. He was more of a comedy person and his past work reflected a love for lighthearted projects, not the rivers of blood slasher fans crave. As it so happened, he had only recently fallen in love with the film series before finding out that a television adaptation was being made. “It’s amazing seeing how much goes into horror movies/shows. It really adds to the reasons why I’ve grown to enjoy it. It’s such a blast. I would love to work on more in the future, as well as comedy. In fact, I would love to do stuff that combines the two more. I think that would be amazing.”
With many great talents working on the latest Scream installment, the series is sure to be a must-see for true fans of the franchise, and the trailer promises that it will “be headed” in the right direction (pun intended). Scream premieres June 30th on MTV.
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Connor Weil Interview: Photographed by Bobby Quillard

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