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Zazie Beetz Joining Joaquin Phoenix in DC’s Stand-Alone ‘Joker’ Movie

Zazie Beetz Joining Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker' stand-alone film

While it’s been a rough ride for the DC’EU, Warner Brothers Studios isn’t slowing down production of their films. The latest film to be highlighted from the studio is Joker, a stand-alone origin film starring Joaquin Phoenix. He’ll be temporarily taking over for Jared Leto, who’s yet to be confirmed for a future appearance. The two actors might not know it but they’re both vying for the top spot as Joker. Though, it’s yet to be seen who lays down a better performance.


As far as other casting goes, Zazie Beetz is set to star opposite Phoenix in the Joker stand-alone. A recent report from The Hollywood Reporter indicates Beetz is in talks for the part of a single mother who the Joker takes notice of. No other details were included in the initial report but the information provided confirms that the movie is an origin story taking place before the Joker’s rise.

What’s of more interest is the character Beetz is playing. The single mother she’s portraying doesn’t correspond with the Joker’s associates from the comics but Beetz could be playing a character from The Killing Joke. In that series of comics, the Joker is married to a woman by the name of Jeannie. She’s pregnant with his child but winds up dying in an accidental fire. The result turns the former ACE Chemical employee into the madman we know as the Joker.

The reason Beetz is probably playing Jeannie is that her introduction would help establish the Joker’s backstory. It wouldn’t make sense for Harley Quinn or Barbara Gordon to show up so Jeannie is the logical choice. However, there’s a chance Beetz is simply portraying a single mother who winds up being the Joker’s first victim.

Whatever the case may be, Beetz is a welcome addition to The Joker. She was amazing in Atlanta and Deadpool 2 and we should expect the same in her future films.

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