Pressley Hosbach Discusses Love For Country Music, Dolly Parton and Hosting The Kids Choice Awards

By Ashley Castillo

Pressley Hosbach, social media creator and former “Dance Moms” star, is now continuing her path into the music and acting world along with many exciting projects waiting to be discovered. Although she started as a young dancer and television star, she learned valuable lessons, such as gaining confidence, not letting anyone bring her down, and pushing through trial and error. As a longtime fan of country music, Pressley was even featured in one of Dolly Parton’s earliest TikTok videos. This was a monumental moment for Pressley, because Dolly had always been a big inspiration for her, especially as a young woman listening to the iconic singer alongside her grandfather. Although she was featured in Dolly’s TikTok video, she hopes to one day create music with her. Hosbach loves the opportunity of being able to present her talents through different ways of arts like music, acting, and dancing, however even on busy days, she makes time to do things a normal kid would do, like get ice cream with her friends, watching movies at the movie theater and even having a fun day filled with adventure at Disneyland. Although she enjoys her busy life, she also finds time to relax through nature and self-care essentials like journaling, yoga, and pilates. Pressley also enjoys spreading positivity and kindness to those around her, through even the simplest acts such as smiling at a stranger, talking to new people, and making new friends. She states “you never know what someone is going through, so something as small as a smile can change someone’s day.” Recently, Pressley partnered with Winsdor on a selection of prom dresses and hosted a Prom Fashion Show, a project she cites as a dream come true because, as a homeschool student, she was able to experience her own version of prom. This event also made her think much more about her future with college and graduation. Pressley also recently hosted the red carpet event for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and got to interview her favorite artists, actors, and creators! As much as Dolly Parton inspired her, she hopes to inspire other young people to realize that they can do anything they want to do. She wants her fans to know they can make their biggest dreams come true as long they put their mind to it and treat people with kindness no matter what they do.

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Pressley Hosbach Discusses Love For Country Music, Dolly Parton and Hosting The Kids Choice Awards. Photo Credit: David Higgs.

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