Is The Celeb Lifestyle As Great As It Seems?

celeb lifestyle

Have you every asked yourself is the celeb lifestyle as great as it seems.  Many of us dream of being rich and famous. We want to be in the spotlight and recognized as a key influencer in the world today. That’s why so many millennial’s are attempting to be Insta famous. But is it all that it seems or are the issues with the celeb lifestyle that you might have completely overlooked?


celeb lifestyle

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It’s fair to say that celebrities are held to a higher stand when it comes to fitness. They are expected to look incredible at all times and this is definitely true for any celeb that has played a superhero in the past. One of the most famous examples of this is perhaps Jason Momoa. Momoa was caught off duty relaxing at a beach and the media immediately noted that he was not at pique levels of fitness. Of course, what people don’t understand is that it’s very difficult to have that level of muscle all year around. 

To do this, you need to maintain a ridiculous diet filled with massive amounts of protein. If you want to see just how much celebrities have to do to stay in shape, just look at Henry Cavil’s workout. The superman actor is well known for pushing his body to the limit to maintain his impressive physique. 


Tied into judgements about levels of fitness, celebrities also have to adjust to having their photographs taken an insane amount of times, even when they have no interest in being in the media. A lot of celebrities have expressed their frustration at never getting a break from the limelight. Some argue that this is the price of pain but others wonder whether it should be. 

After all, appearing in a movie does not mean that you have to succumb to having your entire personal life on public display constantly. Ben Affleck was photographed after putting on a little bit of weight and immediately the newspapers latched onto the idea that he was depressed. Brilliantly, Affleck responded with the message that he had never been happier and was loving life. It’s incredible how stories like this can get out of hand. 

Social Media 

celeb lifestyle

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These days, everyone needs to be careful about what they say on social media. Indeed, saying the wrong thing on social media can impact your job security or career potential. However, celebrities need to be particularly cautious and they run the risk of getting ‘cancelled.’ This essentially means that they have done something so severe that a large group of consumers have decided that their career should be over. It’s a worrying aspect of the world today and there’s no way for celebs to avoid it. Particularly when you consider that celebs are being cancelled for things that they have said ten years ago. 

This problem is only getting worse and celebrities constantly need to watch themselves. Many aren’t actually ever using their personal accounts. They have a full team of social media managers to ensure that they never say the wrong thing. Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian must have forgotten this step. 


You might think that with all the money in the world and their beautiful mansions there’s no reason for celebrities and the rich to feel high levels of stress. However, this isn’t quite true and it’s probably again an issue with constantly being in the spotlight. If you never have a chance to break free from public attention, you could ultimately feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day. Celebs also tend to need to live up to a very public image which is again incredibly stressful. 


celeb lifestyleFinally, you might assume that the money is at least one of the areas where the celebrity lifestyle does live up to expectations. However, this might not be the case. You could find that the heavy bills cause the money that you earn to drain away. It’s also worth noting that many B list celebrities never reach the point where they are earning millions. 


You might think that celebrities have an easy work-life, particularly those who work in the film industry or the music business. However, this is not the case. Working on a major film franchise can be exhausting, particularly when you consider that they have to redo scenes hundreds of times. It’s definitely going to be a monotonous experience at the very least. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the elements of the celebrity lifestyle that you might have overlooked when considering whether you really want to be rich and famous. 

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