What Exactly Are SNS Nails?

Up until about two months ago, I never cared about what my nails looked like. I’d walk around with hangnails and chipped polish without thinking twice. To be frank, my nail beds sucked. Then, while getting my basically bi-annual manicure, my nail technician suggested that I try SNS. The only thing I had heard about SNS, which just stands for Signature Nail Systems, was that it was a supposedly healthier version of gel polish, which can leave some people’s nails weak and brittle. She explained that the powder involved in SNS contained a kind of vitamin or nutrient that was beneficial to nails, plus, she guaranteed that my manicure would last a lot longer. Any mention of making my stubby nails stronger or healthier immediately peaks my interest, so I was sold. But, then she brought out power tools and I started second guessing how healthy this process was actually going to be. To be real, my first experience with SNS was not the greatest. I wasn’t sure what I should be expecting, so I actually thought that she did an alright job. That was until I got my second SNS manicure and realized what a botched job my first one had been. The way your SNS turns out definitely depends on your nail technician, as can be assumed. However, the basic process stays the same. Your nails will be buffed, primed with a brush on gel base, then dipped two to three times into the colored SNS powder of your choice.

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In my opinion, the key to a natural looking finish is then buffing down the layers of powder that have been applied. That’s a step that my first manicurist skipped, which resulted in me having cheap-looking, bulbous nails…no shade, no tea, though. Your nails will then be shaped to your desire and the finishing touches, like a top coat and cuticle oil, should be applied. Then, boom! You have a rock solid manicure that should last you two to three weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow out. To properly remove the polish, you should go back to your nail technician so that they can correctly go about the process and avoid damaging your real nails.

So far, I haven’t had any issues with SNS. In fact, my nails have only gotten longer. So, how do they compare to gel? I don’t think that SNS is necessarily any “healthier” for your nails, being that the base adhesive is comparable to the main ingredient in super glue. But, you do avoid the LED or UV light that a gel manicure requires, so in that regard, SNS is winning. I’m not used to people commenting on my nails, but now I get a few compliments a day thanks to SNS. Not to sound like an infomercial, but I’m totally sold on this powder. Plus, it doesn’t cost any more money than a typical gel manicure. Some salons might charge more than mine, but I wouldn’t imagine that it would be anything past five dollars extra and if it is, they’re playing you. Don’t get played! Also, an update on my nail beds, they no longer suck.


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