Fall Hair Trends

Although summer naturally gets us in that pumped-up mood, fall can be just as inspiring and uplifting, but maybe it involves a little more creativity. I’m ecstatic that fall is here because the cooler weather enables you to do more with your hair, other than tie it up (such as in the hotter months). For those of you who are still in denial that summer has come to an end, let me introduce to you this year’s fall hair trends.


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More than ever before, volume has become the go-to as a hairstyle look on its own. The look is achieved best with more naturally wavy or curly hair, as those textures already maintain a certain hold or flexibility. Nevertheless, for those with hair that’s a little more difficult, use any kind of comb or teasing brush. Brush in the opposite direction you normally would for your hair. How close you brush the comb in an up-and-downward motion and how fast you tease your hair will determine the level of volume that you have. For best results, use your preferred hairspray in between teasing to maintain the volume, and for an alternate, try dry shampoo—it works more wonders than you think!

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Long waves, medium waves, short waves—they’re all in! As we’ve seen in the past, waves are the perfect go-to hairstyle when it comes to wanting an easy, quick, effortless, but still beautiful look. So what’s different about waves this season? We’re not going for the casual beachy vibes of summer because the fall requires a little effort. Celebs have been notorious for rocking shorter and more piecey waves, such as Taylor Swift and Emma Stone, which may require a little more styling, but give a gorgeous finishing touch.
Braids on Braids
Braids on Braids - barefootblonde

©Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde

Reflecting back on my blog post, “Spring Trends: The Best Braided Hairstyle,” featuring Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde, it’s proof that braids no longer have to be standard and classic. Rather, they can be funky, complex, definitive, and just plain gorgeous. Nowadays, there `are endless possibilities.
Hair Accessories

Short Stop Studded Headband, $20,

I was never one for hair accessories; however, my mind has been changed. This fall, toughen up your hair accessories by using leather or a more firm-looking fabric for headbands. This style also includes leather barrettes, a style that is definitely coming back. Without question, leather anything as a hair accessory, specifically headbands, was all the rage at the New York Fashion Week. The most popular was the black leather headband. This style tore up the runway, giving the ever-so-popular hair accessories an edge and twist to the sweet floral and vibrant vibes of summer. Most of the models sported this look with a basic ponytail, yet, this style, of course, can be worn whichever way you’d like. As you can see, leather for the fall is in and here to stay.
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