The Best Treatments for All Of Your Skin Issues

As someone who’s frequented a wide variety of skincare procedures since junior high and tried just about every skin treatment out there, I’ve been around the dermatological block. The one thing I’ve learned? There’s a solution for just about every single skin issue. Whether you suffer from dryness, discoloration, clogged pores, or scarring, there’s no need to panic! There’s a solution to your problem, and beautiful, glowing skin is in your future. 

Skin Issue: Acne/Blackheads
Treatment: Extractions
I’ll warn you (because I didn’t warn my sister, and she was not happy about it) that extractions can be painful. BUT, the pain is temporary, and beautiful skin is so worth a few minutes of discomfort. If you’re a sufferer of blackheads and pimples, extractions can be a great way to unclog pores and keep your skin looking smooth and clear. Dermatologists will also tell you that even people who don’t struggle with major skin issues could benefit from extractions, and regularly getting facials is par for the course if you want beautiful skin long term.

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Skin Issue: Dry Skin
Treatment: Hydrating Facials/Face Masks
Dry skin is an issue that plagues literally everyone at one point or another. Whether it’s chronic, hangover-induced, or seasonal, dry skin is a problem everyone hates to have. The solution? HYDRATE. I’m not going to tell you to drink more water (but you should), but instead my solution for dryness is a hydrating facial. Whether you seek out a professional hydrafacial or buy a pack of hydrating sheet masks, a hydrating facial will do wonders for dry, dull skin.

Skin Issue: Wrinkles/Scarring
Treatment: Microdermabrasion
If you haven’t experienced the wonders of microdermabrasion, stop reading this article and go make an appointment for one. Microderm is a form of exfoliation using a tool that removes that thick outer layer of skin, revealing a fresh layer that helps with scarring, wrinkles, and uneven skin. It’s virtually painless (in my experience) and results in some peeling during the days following, eventually revealing healthier, less damaged skin.

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Skin Issue: Discoloration/Redness
Treatment: Chemical Peels
Similar to microdermabrasion, chemical peels are a process where a solution is put on the skin, which eventually causes the outer layer of the skin to exfoliate, revealing the new, fresh skin underneath. There are peels for a variety of skin issues, but they do wonders for discoloration and redness. Though sitcoms would have you believing that a peel will leave your face beet red and shiny for days, that’s not typically the reality behind a procedure like this.

Skin Issue: Scarring
Treatment: Laser Skin Resurfacing
If you’re someone who has suffered from acne, scarring can often be an annoying reminder of puberty. Though chemical peels and microdermabrasion both help significantly reduce the appearance of scars, laser skin resurfacing is totally intended to do so. The process is much less intense than its name would have you believe, and ridding your complexion of scars from yesteryear is well worth the money the procedure costs (trust me, I’m with ya!).

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