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Kiara Michelle:

IMG_4285Describe or mention the perfect, comfortable shoes for the modern day woman-on-the-go.
For shoes on the go, I tried to think of one specific type of shoe but I couldn’t choose. In my opinion, there are two types of shoes for when a woman’s on the go. The first kind of shoe is the trendy slip-on sneakers, I have some black and white ones from Vera Wang that I absolutely love for days when I am running errands. The next kind of shoe would be a pair of chunky heels; you can still look well put together and be comfy at the same time.
Do you have a favorite place(s) to shop? 
There are four stores that are my favorite to go to first. My first store is Marshalls. I’m always finding the best bargains there (literally half of my closet is from there)! My second store is Zara just because that store never fails to impress me with their latest trends. My third store is H&M because I’m always leaning towards more neutral colors, and H&M seems to have a wide variety of clothing in those colors, plus their prices are amazing. My last store is Urban Outfitters. Who doesn’t love Urban? I’m always falling in love all over again when I walk into that store.
How do you keep your skin looking and feeling ​its best during the fall? 
My skin definitely changes during the fall time (well, winter time in Florida). I like to keep my face hydrated with facial sprays such as Mac’s Fix Plus. I love that product because it not only hydrates my skin, but keeps my makeup looking flawless! Another product I like to use is coconut oil. During colder times, I replace my purity cleanser with coconut oil to clean my face and remove my makeup. If you haven’t heard of coconut oils and their benefits, start researching! That stuff is amazing for the skin.
What’s one thing that you think is the biggest ​fall​ trend or soon-to-be?
I always feel like dark colors are a fall trend, especially when it comes to lipstick, nail polish, and leather everything (leather boots, jackets, leggings, etc.). I always follow those trends, but I want to start my own fall trend to follow. I want to wear more purples (makeup wise) and get into the army green color like pants or army green coats!

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