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Blogger Feature: One Brass Fox


What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
You’ve heard the saying “Beauty is pain,” right? I want to change that way of thinking. My key to feeling good in what I’m wearing means being comfortable. Now, this doesn’t mean I have to deck myself head-to-toe in sweatpants and it doesn’t mean I only wear cotton with elastic waistbands, but it does mean I have to be conscious of the fit of my clothes and shoes. If the dress is too short, the pants too tight, or the shoes too unbearable, I won’t feel my best and therefore won’t look my best. If I’m distracted by my outfit, I won’t be invested in the moment or the people around me, so it’s best to choose a look that makes you feel beautiful, but doesn’t completely sacrifice comfort for glam. Feel the part to look the part!

What is currently your favorite piece from your wardrobe?
Each season I tend to have a go-to piece that plays a recurring role in my wardrobe. Earlier this spring, I found a sweet pastel pink blazer at H&M that has since been a frontrunner for weekly outfits. It pairs perfectly with jeans and a graphic tee or over a dress and strappy heels. The material is lightweight but gives just enough warmth for those chilly summer nights. A blazer always adds a touch of class to any ensemble, so that has made it a quick favorite this season!

How do you pick out your outfit for the day?
My outfit begins and ends with what I’m feeling that day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve created a heaping pile of “no’s” on my closet floor before picking a final outfit. This certainly sounds cheesy, but I want to be inspired by my wardrobe. To a certain extent, I’ll let my mood determine a look, but ultimately I want to dress for the day ahead. My appearance affects my attitude and outlook hugely, so I dress both for how I feel now and how I want to feel.


Describe the perfect, comfortable shoes for a woman on the go.
The ideal shoe for the modern woman on the go is a nude heel. This versatile style offers a day-to-night option that is timeless, yet trendy. A simple silhouette and comfortable sole will make this a lasting shoe choice for all her summer outings.


Where do you love to shop?
Growing up, I used to be a total “quantity over quality” girl. I wanted more and more clothes, but never bought anything that could last through one season. I have since changed my shopping strategy to focus on quality, but still with an eye toward bargains. This has made my top shopping destinations places such as Nordstrom Rack, Zappos, and Piperlime. They offer incredible pieces from top designers with a less intimidating price tag.

What’s one thing that you think is the biggest summer trend?
All white everything is a major hot topic this summer. I recently hopped on the trend and loved the overall look. While the color can be intimidating, pulling the right pieces and best silhouettes make all the difference for a chic outfit. If you’re wanting to experiment with this style, choose structured items that are fitted but not tight and accent with pops of color.


Blogger Feature: One Brass Fox. Photo credit to Leslie Musser

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