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Do you ever think about how dirty a restaurant table is? Well, the germophobe in me sure does. Food has been spilled an endless amount of times, tons of other people have sat there before you (who knows where their hands have been), and we still put our phones on top of these filthy tables. Then we put our phones up to our cheeks and rub all that grease and bacteria onto our skin and fingers. I know there are germs everywhere, and we all do it, but I try my very best to avoid putting my phone on top of restaurant tables. I sometimes put it on top of a napkin, but I mostly opt to keeping my phone in my purse. I never put the screen down on a table because the thought of all the bacteria on my screen makes me cringe.
Well, now that I have you all thinking about how infested your phones are, you definitely want to get your clean hands on Well-Kept. Made with water, isopropyl alcohol, and 2-butoxyethanol, these cleansing towelettes are safe to use on our phones, computers, and other electronic screens. They come in colorful and compact packets containing 15 towelettes that easily fit inside a purse or backpack. I was sent samples of Well-Kept and thought to myself, yes, finally something I’ve been needing. I once broke my Blackberry because I decided to clean it with Lysol, causing it to turn off for good, so Well-Kept has been very much needed to prevent similar situations from happening again. The Founder and CEO of Well-Kept, Neeley Kolsch, created this product because she realized how much it was needed. Our phone aren’t only dirty from our surroundings, but also from our own makeup and natural oils.
Think of Well-Kept as a partner to your hand sanitizer; useful and conveniently small to fit in your bag. You can even use them to clean the lenses on your eyeglasses and sunglasses. You don’t have to use them everyday, but you absolutely can wipe down your phone from time to time. As the Well-Kept Team says, “Your dirty phone will thank you.”
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