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What You Need To Know About Gogol Bordello’s New Album

Gogol Bordello is quite probably the only gypsy punk band you’ve ever heard of, and possibly because several of their songs were used in 2006’s Wristcutters: A Love Story. The band hails from the Lower East Side of Manhattan and has been touring almost non-stop since 1999. Pura Vida Conspiracy is their eighth studio album to date, and definitely worth a listen. Eastern European accented vocals combine with a latin-infused folk sound in a beautifully weird harmony. It’s your regularly scheduled Gogol Bordello album, with a twist.

The album has a definite upbeat feel throughout and there is nothing quite like Gogol Bordello on the mainstream airwaves, which makes Pura Vida a delight. The impossibly unique blend of sounds combines with deceptively deep lyrics to make a must-have addition to any end of summer playlist. Or any playlist at all. The nice thing about such a unique sound is that it kind of goes with everything, because it doesn’t really match anything else.

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