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Pop Artist Viana Releases Retro Visual to Money-Hungry Track “About the Money”

Pop Artist Viana Releases Retro Visual to Money-Hungry Track “About the Money”

In a time of uncertainty for musicians everywhere, pop artist Viana chose to dive straight into her work in the midst of the pandemic. Her latest single, “About the Money,” is available to stream across DSPs today, with a celebratory music video available to watch on Viana’s official YouTube channel.

Despite being recorded and written in the dead and isolating New England winter, “About the Money,” sonically, is a vacation getaway, with an underlayer of rich retro soul production. The music video, directed by Chris Cole, perfectly encapsulates the aura of “About the Money,” and the desire to stay afloat in a money-hungry world. 


Viana centered the track around what it felt like to be a working musician during a time where there seemed to be no hope for live music. 


I wrote this during the pandemic when it seemed like there was really no hope in sight for working musicians. I was living with my producer at the time and was just worrying about being able to survive financially. I don’t even care about money or material things, I just wanted to not have to worry and to be able to do what I love. But as the song says, someone has to get paid. I wanted the song to feel like I was driving down the Southern Cali coast line in a classic car, even though I’m singing about being broke and how messy things were feeling. We wrote and recorded ‘About the Money’ at my house in the woods during the Winter and it turned into a total listen to it when it’s sunny out type of song. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”Viana

Viana represents what it means to be 100% yourself, embracing both your strengths and flaws. She pushes her listeners to quit trying to fit into a certain mold and to create what feels right. After years of fronting rock bands, Viana decided to venture off and start writing her own music about whatever she personally needs to digest. With a style influenced by a combination of being a sucker for a catchy melody, yet still bringing a natural edge brought on by years of being a front woman of her band, this Gemini’s sound has a few different sides. Viana’s mission through music is to connect with people and remember that self expression should be about going with your gut and listening to your own instincts. Viana’s fierce independence has led to the shedding of her past and the incubation of this unapologetically Viana project: new, honest, and always true to who she is. 

Viana’s newest single “About The Money” is available to stream on all DSPs today. 

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