Ethan Thompson releases new cover “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Ethan Thompson has just released a new cover of Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but not without putting his own personal touch on the 1987 hit.
“Pete Nappi (producer) and I discovered the lyrics of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ were pretty powerful and wanted to share them in a way that showcased the writing,” Thompson wrote on his Facebook page. “We knew this song has been at the end of a lot of Internet jokes and wanted to repaint it in a way the world could learn about it all over [again].”
And in this version, he does just that. Thompson swaps out the upbeat, head-over-heels in love fest that is the original version and opts instead for a more sentimental, mellow, and nostalgic route, while his love interest in question wanders hauntingly in the background.

He goes on to thank Erica Eng for directing the piece, Logan Triplett for the cinematography, and Alex Pollini for providing the backdrop throughout the whole video.
Thompson was also featured on the new Fareoh track, “Fight For You,” earlier last month to great fanfare. We can’t wait to see what else Thompson is working on for the future!
What do you think of Thompson’s cover? Let us know in the comments below!
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Photograph courtesy of Ethan Thompson/YouTube

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