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Pre-Travel Checklist: What to Do Before Traveling Abroad

what to do before traveling abroad

Today we want to share some important tips on what to do before traveling abroad. The world is slowly opening up again and many of us are looking forward to getting away for a change of scene. But after so many restrictions for such a long time, we’re all a bit out of practice. What are the essential pre-trip to-dos to ensure your holiday runs without a hitch?

Transport Logistics

what to do before traveling abroad

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Firstly, how are you getting to your destination? If you’re flying, how much luggage allowance do you have?

How about when you arrive? Consider how you’re going to get around, as taxis aren’t always the best idea. If you’ve got long distances to travel, consider hiring a car and look into companies and rates before you go. Perhaps you’re planning to catch the bus or train. If so, familiarise yourself with their routes and make sure you have some cash on you. You’ll feel much more relaxed if you know exactly what you’re doing on arrival.


Finances will be a huge part of the trip and you need to make sure they’re in place before heading off. Firstly, what’s the currency and exchange rate? It’s helpful to always be aware of how much everything is costing. And how are you going to manage your money? It’s always good to carry a little bit of cash but the best solution is often a pre-paid debit card, allowing you to spend whatever money is on the card and not have to worry about carrying lots of cash around.


what to do before traveling abroad

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If you’re traveling to a place you’ve never been before, it’s a good idea to research the area and its cultures. Learn a few key phrases that will help if you’re in a muddle, such as “I am lost” or “I need the hospital”. Familiarize yourself with the different customs and laws or any tourist scams. Have a look into whether there are there any gestures that are considered offensive and what percentage customers generally tip.Accommodation Options

Will you be staying in a hotel? Traveling around hostels? Maybe you’re planning on an Airbnb or you’re keen to camp. Have you considered hiring a campervan? A lot will depend on budget, so make sure you’ve done your sums. And upon making your choice, have a think about a few things – how are you going to wash your clothes? Are you happy to share a room with strangers? Do you need to research campsites?    


Do you want to tick off all the main tourist activities, or would you prefer to explore the hidden side of your destination? Research into any events that might be going on and try to find out where the locals go. Check opening times of attractions and budget for entry fees.


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What documents do you need for your trip? A passport is the obvious one – don’t forget it! But also consider whether you need vaccination certificates or a visa. Don’t overlook travel insurance, which will cover any emergency medical treatment, lost luggage, or cancelled trips and more. It might be a good idea to buy a document holder that keeps everything together. Here’s a simple guide by Cover Trip for more insights on travel insurance coverage.


You’ll probably require an adapter to use your electronics, so look into what type you will need. And have a think about your phone – you’ll spend a lot if you’re going to be calling people and using the internet. Consider a pre-paid phone card for calls and if you need to get online, you might be best to visit internet cafes.

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