New Year’s Eve Party Tips From Andrew W.K.

If there is any man to ask how to party on New Year’s Eve, that man would be Andrew W.K. Luckily for Cliche, we were able to catch Andrew W.K. after his set at Revolution Bar’s Christmosh event on December 26th. Andrew told us the best way to start off your night, where to go and how to get that midnight kiss even when you are single!
Cliche: What is the best way to start out the night?
Andrew W.K.: First off, it depends on what you consider “night”. Being that it is Winter, the sun starts to set a little earlier, so that to me is great, because I like the night. Things can start earlier. In fact, I like to sleep in- if I even sleep at all! – and I like to wake up just when the night is beginning. That way, it is night time all the time.
To start of my night…well I would first go to the rest room. Just to get that out of my system and out the way. If I don’t, then it becomes quite annoying later when your body is nagging you to go. So first thing, go to the bathroom!
Second, eat food after. If you are going to have a grand evening in store for you, upholster your body with a decent amount food. Again, this is to get it out of the way! That way you won’t have to worry and hunger won’t strike you early on when things get going. In case hunger does strike you, bring some snacks along with you. It could be half a sandwich, cookies, candy bar or something. Just something that is small and can fit in your pocket. Bring something that won’t need to stay cool, because it will get warm and moist and then it is just going to rot in your pocket.
And then…be ready for physical fun! Be ready for a lot of emotion and be ready for sadness and boredom. You can go through the whole spectrum and just realize that it is the end of the year and there will never be another December 31st 2014 again…ever…unless you can travel in time of course.
Unless you have the Tardis!
Yes! Well said. If you have that, then do whatever the hell you want! If not, then enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity of each year!
What’s the best pre and post food to eat for partying?
I always try not to eat a lot. You will get more bang for your buck if you do! I try to drink on an empty stomach. I mean, there is that rule that you shouldn’t do that, but then you have to drink MORE to have the same feeling. I try to drink as much as possible on a completely empty stomach and then I can get a really strong feeling from the alcohols that would happen quite quickly. Now, if you eat an entire cheese pizza or a couple of club sandwiches, then you drink, well it ain’t going to be the same!
How would you handle an early nighter? Someone who calls it before the ball drops.
I would tell them to have a happy new year and to travel safely. Just be kind to them and party into the night for your new year!

   What are your NYE spot  recommendations?
Well, I for one love Times Square. I’ve been in NY for 17-18 years now, and I have made my way closer and closer to Times Square. Now I live closer, about 3 blocks away from it and I have spent a few New Year’s there. I can just walk out of my place and be right there. I am very fortunate and very lucky that I get to experience it from the comfort of my own home. Again, that’s me.
If you want to go to Time’s Square and hang out there for 4 hours, then it can be really hard to find a restroom and you can wind up wetting your pants. Your night will be uncomfortable if you do. So, I try to find a homestead, use the restroom and pick up back out. I can even offer my restroom to friends, family and someone I just met! I mean, I don’t want them to urinate all over me, so why not offer them my restroom? Of course, I would make sure that they leave and don’t tarnish my property, but that is another way to be friendly. I guess you could say that is the spirit of New Year’s Eve; sharing restrooms.

Champagne. Do or don’t?
Well, I’ve always liked it! I like the flavor and I like the bubble. It is quite heavy, those bottles. It’s carbonated, so the bottle it thick and it is a lot of carry around. There is also a certain kind of acid reflux that I have experienced with it, so you might want to have some tums and some rolaids…or even some type of calcium chew on you. If you are going to drink a lot of alcohol that has acids, just base them back down.
Say I’m single, and I don’t have a midnight kiss. What do I do to pass this uncomfortable moment?
Kiss yourself! Do it with a mirror, kiss your own arm, leg…whatever body part you can reach. Even your own mouth, it just depends on how flexible you are. There’s no shame in it! You can meet someone, you can try to ask someone, but never force it someone. Ever. Including yourself. If you haven’t asked yourself and you haven’t given yourself permission, don’t do it.
Tips for surviving the drunk train?
I’ve never been on that. I can picture it though. What tips can you give me?
I would say, headphones, water and crackers.
See, I always travel with headphones. Water and food is what we touched on early. That’s good for any time you travel. It keeps you from succumbing to the potential exhausting environment that you may be in and still enjoy the sites with your own personal soundtrack!
What are the basic essentials of a NYE party to ensure a good time?
It’s atmosphere and attitude. You can have chips and dip or not, you can offer refreshments and you can have everything or nothing, but the atmosphere being on or off is what makes the party. Everybody contributes to that. You can set the tone and hope that others follow it. The anxiety of trying to make it a perfect thing can actually subtract from the positivity. Go into your party with a warm heart and open spirit and the rest will follow!
Favorite NYE drinks?
Not really. I’ve never had a drink that I didn’t really like. Give me a surprise instead!
How many jello shots is too many?
By the sixth time you vomit…then I would say stop. Everyone has their own limits and they shouldn’t push past it.
Words of wisdom for 2015?
Don’t stop partying and be glad you aren’t dead. If you keep those things in the forefront of your mind as a top priorities and attitude then hopefully the rest will take care of itself and you can enjoy this adventure called, ‘Not being dead’.
Photos by James Kolbert

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